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Creativity Essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 15, 2017
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Creativity Essay

Select two areas of practice (visual art, new media, performing arts, music) and compare the creative process of your work In those two areas. You should make reference to theory and the work of established artists, film makers, dramatists, musicians and,’or cultural practice” In this essay I will be comparing the two creative process of my work on two areas: visual art and drama. This essay explores the importance of creativity in education and draws on my own experience of the application of creative approaches to teaching and learning.

Donnelly (2004) suggest that human beings use cognition creatively, by continually modifying and using concepts to try to deal with everyday life problems’ (p. 156). This essay explores creativity in education through a critical and reflective perspective. Creativity is defined as the trend to produce or recognize ideas, alternatives or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others and entertaining ourselves and others (Robert E. Franken, Human motivation). I would define creativity as the act of new and Imaginative Ideas Into reality. Creativity contains two procedures, thinking and then producing.

If I have ideas but don’t act on them, I am imaginative but not creative. Regardless of the circumstance that all four elements of creativity projects Visual arts, Drama, dance, music provided me with the immense opportunity to explore different sides of creativity that I was not familiar with before; visual arts and drama both really taught me to go beyond my understanding of creativity. Looking back at my past I wasn’t able to draw, I was wondering what art Is all about after having my art sessions I realized firstly that we don’t have to be an artists to draw an art secondly art Is not opposed to be all about drawing.

Instead, it is about being creative and connecting the previously unconnected in ways that are new and meaningful to the individual concerned (Dud, 1998). Through drawing I was able to show my identity, explain my self, religion, culture, country to others. On the other hand visual arts and drama were different In term of the creativity project both has given me an Insight of how to take out your emotions, feelings, connecting previous ways, and has widen my experience and understanding. However during taking part In these projects I have aced with a lot of experiences in creativity visual arts sessions and drama sessions.

During visual art session I had a fear as if I will not be able to explain my identity of who I am, fear of exploring my creativity and identity. I would consider visual arts as more calm, relaxed and I was able to be more creative, whereas drama session dance creativity the place was crowded and fear of people around me, all of those factors has affected my overall dance performance. According to MENACE report (1999) Discussions about the arts in education often emphasis the value of self-expression, ND this is an important idea.

However during the visual art I realized that I had the right balance to get my identity in a box. Although I had the state of movement as it has been stated by Sentimentally (1996) as I was in peaceful environment to use my thoughts and get my identity done in a creative layout. However, I was inspired by the work of Jading Hashes an afghan women artist who drew an art based on distinctive characteristics of a person’s character or the character of a group which relate to who they are and what is meaningful to them. ” Based on Giddiness quote of identity I explained myself in a box, who I am, and what is important to.

My identity was about my religion, cultural background, religion thought using Shadings hashes art I can explain my identity to other such as my scarf growing up in United Kingdom but I haven’t forgotten my religion and culture, I made a comparison of my identity with another afghan musician girl who has forgotten her culture and religion. The picture on my box represent different colors, the color of my country flag to show how much I am in love with my culture and country. The red color presented that I have came from a country which has been in war for a long time over the past 30 years.

Similarly, I was inspired by the art work of Year Mohammed Tardy, the theme which I explored in the dance creativity was that it revealed my identity, friendship. However throughout the dance I felt as I am using my body as a tool to get into my inner soul. The stage of flow was quite elastic and I was able to combine the movement of my shoulders. Dance as a way of performing ones cultural identity, a way of creating a direct personal experience of identity and exhibiting that identity to others. For afghans dance is treated as a game, Just as it was the domestic situation in Afghanistan (Doubleday 1982).

By doing the dance movements I was acquiring the afghan identity or perhaps more precisely the afghan component of my new afghan British identity (bally 2005, p. 230). Many of us afghan people live in very different circumstances, asylum seekers, we r cut off from our families, surviving through taking a minor Jobs, living in poverty in western societies dancing is generally speaking, taking my emotions out. The stage of flow from the five rhythms helped me to get connected with my culture ND the capacity controls my movements, it was easy and flexible.

Through flow stage I also felt as if I have met my inner soul. It was necessary to ‘go inside’ as indicated by Evans and Kitty Daniels (2009) to explore my identity through dance. Additionally, to reach a sense of belonging and feel at ease at the dance I was undertaking. This calm flow rhythm dance enabled to reconnect with my Afghan identity and also assimilate with my British identity. Combining the staccato and flow rhythm dances promoted connection and a strong sense of belonging. As a result I felt grounded and recover hat loss identity.

It eased my complex confusion. The three main obstacles I overcame with in drama creativity was the ability to overcome nervousness or fear, at what is the purpose behind these movements. The second obstacle was the audience around me, I wasn’t feeling confident enough to carry on with my movements, and I thought the audience might be looking at me. The third obstacle was stretchiness of the body; I am not doing daily exercises by doing the movements I felt much pain in first session moving around, however by doing these movements every week it helped me to get fit.

There are no steps to follow, no sequence of steps to learn, no way to do it wrong, however at the start I thought I might be doing the wrong movements progressing towards the end I realized there is no right or wrong answer it’s all about the movement of the body and focusing on the 5 rhythms. At the start whenever I tried to do a dance to a rhythm I found it difficult because of my surroundings and the people around. Therefore this fear and has created loads of difficult pressure. Those fears were only to know if I was doing the 5 Rhythms properly.

Therefore, I was nervous but soon at the second session of creativity drama I have given myself, the Self-confident- I become good at doing things usually I wouldn’t try and that helped me become more confident because I wasn’t confident before doing the dance and I was always scared about the teacher and students they would laugh, but now at the end of the session I feel as I am very confident person, drama helped me to become a better person communicating with the people from different backgrounds.

Surviving the obstacle, the second week allowed me to get to know the people in my sessions much more and I became relaxed as the days went n, through the movement activities which was doing it gave me a feeling as if I was on my own world and no one was around me, It gave me much more comfort and overall I enjoyed the dance session. This is discussed in great length by Movement (2010) where she argues that dance classes are too abroad and that people approached dance in many ways. Thus, there is no single answer to defining the term drama.

Although, after couple of session my fear went away, but my approach to dance was different but I managed to learn the rhythms from my lecturer and I overcome with the obstacles as we moved on to different stages. The good thing about dance is that there is no wrong or right answer; I had no hesitation if my movements are going to be wrong or different from my lecturer or students. As far as my movements had a meaning it was a right movement and it didn’t have to be exactly the same as the lecturer.

I thought I would be the only person struggling with the movements and everyone else might know how to do it, as soon as I realized that everyone else is struggling and they are all paying attention on their own movement I was able to take my time an relax to learn these stages of movements and let my odd move, I felt as if I am in my own world and no one is around me. It revealed to me that having obstacles in the dance trail is sometimes a good advantage.

There was certain rhythm movement that I have been working on for short time and I was struggling to do it the right way, the process can be frustrating and struggling to see the improvements and it brings out a lot of negative thinking and self-criticism. However here is what I have learned from my dance lecturer. My movement wasn’t good enough but she has encouraged me to see the improvement by telling me “you are good, you can do this well”. I always used to tell myself if I can’t do a movement in first session I should be able to do it in the next session.

And my favorite quote best teachers and therefore are our greatest gift. My 3 personal goals for overcoming obstacles were doing it every day and every session, practice for the sake of practicing without looking for the wrong or right movements, trying to enjoy the process. The reference I choose to help me critically reflect on my learning is by Doubled 0 whereby she states, “Dance itself an expression of organic and bodily rhythm, must be considered as an extension of emotional and intellectual rhythmic Oromo, projected into and through movement”.

This was crucially important to me because it expanded my understanding of the drama and the bodily rhythm. Through the process of learning I found the answer that dance can be experienced as an adequate means of expression, so that when the movements of the academic, emotional, and religious personality are matched with the activities of the body an expression can be experienced. There are two features to learning dance one is the ability to obtain in, to become impressed, the other, the ability to give out, to express. Hence, throughout the sessions I was able to express my emotions and feeling through dance.

On the other hand visual art was extremely interesting than drama because it stretched my cultural understanding and made me aware of my identity and my culture. Culture and creativity are connected with one another. It is highlighted in the MENACE report that culture is linked with the art. Consequently I was able to promote my culture through creativity. However after knowing what creativity is about, I managed to picture my identity in a box and explain it to others he different aspects of my identity from different angels. T can be said that both culture and creativity are vigorously related. Creating my identity in a box didn’t not only made me aware of my culture but however it showed me how to be creative, how to explain, stress, your feelings, solve a problem. It also taught me how creative I was than before. In secondary school I thought art wasn’t my subject but after creativity process I came to realize that through creativity I can share my feelings, I would prefer visual art as I am also more connected to it and it made me understand my ability in being creative.

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