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Cover Letter Guide

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 9, 2018
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Cover Letter Guide

Guide to Creating a Cover Letter NUNS Recruitment The purpose of a cover letter Is to effectively market your skills to help you gain an Interview. An effective cover letter complements your C.V. and will help answer three main recruitment questions: “Can you do the job? ” focus on technical skills, “Will you do it? ” – focus on personal skills and attributes, and “Will you fit in? ” – focus on teamwork and “fit” with organizational culture.

This checklist will help you assess and improve the effectiveness of your cover letters. Overall presentation Letter is one page only Layout isn’t cramped (include plenty of white space and generous margins) No long paragraphs have been used (guideline: 6 lines Max. Per paragraph) In summary, overall layout looks professional Top section of your letter Include: Your address, preferred telephone contact number’s and e-mail address (a professional e-mail address incorporating your name) The date

The recipient’s correct title (MS, Mr., DRP etc) with first name/initial and last name, Job title and contact address A personalizes greeting e. G. Dear Ms Robertson (Tip: avoid Dear Sir/Madam or To whom It may concern If at all possible) A subject line e. G. Re: Project Officer Vacancy (Ref: NETTED), Why them? Aim to spark a busy reader’s attention and interest with your first paragraph Demonstrate that you have done some thorough background research (don’t Just quote from the company’s website)

Explain specifically what attracts you to the role and/or organization and/or industry Use appropriate language – do not use SMS abbreviations, and do not use uncommon acronyms without explaining them Middle section (one or two paragraphs) Why you? Avoid trying to address all the selection criteria (guideline: keep the focus of your middle paragraphs on the most critical three to five criteria) Demonstrate your suitability for the role by providing specific examples outlining where you’ve revisions shown relevant capabilities Keep to one theme per paragraph (e. . Relevant experience, or relevant qualifications and knowledge) Convince the reader why you are more worthy of an interview Closing paragraph Summary and expectations If there’s space, summaries the key strengths and qualities that you offer Mention that your resume is attached Thank the reader for considering your application Request an interview or meeting e. G. “l look forward to the opportunity of an interview. ” Language Ensure that you:

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