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Comparison Paragraph Samples

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 19, 2017
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Comparison Paragraph Samples

Writing Introduction paragraphs for comparative essays l. Comparison of the theories of K. Marx and S. Freud: Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud are obviously two of the most Influential thinkers of modern times. Both developed enormously important and comprehensive views of human nature and society, theories which have exerted a major and continuing influence on the way we think about ourselves and our fellow citizens.

Of particular importance for us are the views of these two thinkers about the nature of evil in society. For their theories on the origin of human evil have shaped in large part the way we understand and therefore the methods we attempt to deal with the eternal problems of evil. And the differences between these two men’s ideas have created continuing debates about how we should organize ourselves to mitigate human suffering.

What does seem Increasingly clear, however, Is that, of the two great thinkers, Freud developed a much more subtle and enduring understanding of the roller of human evil; Mar’s writings on the subject, though complex and still fascinating, now appear by imprison in many respects inadequate. Notice how the writer introduces the general comparison first (Marx and Freud), pointing out the basis for the similarity (two great thinkers with theories of human nature), then moves onto a very specific aspect of that general subject (the different views on the origin of evil), and finally establishes a thesis by declaring a preference.

Proof Lourdes Cicero Pagan 1 Language Angles 3: Writing II. A comparison of two literary characters In many ways Nora in Henries Ibsen A Doll’s House and Elise in John Steinbeck short Tory “The Chrysanthemums” face similar circumstances. Each woman lives with a husband who does not understand her intelligently, in confined circumstances with little prospect for significant change. And in the course of both stories, each woman comes to discover just how much she Is being brutalized by men.

However, the two women react very differently to the crisis which that recognition brings: Elise collapses and retreats, and Nora abandons her family for a life on her own. By examining the characters of these two women and their reactions to the most Important emotional crises In their ivies, we can better understand the very human tensions created by married life and the writer again starts with a general point which establishes the similarity between the two fictional heroines.

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