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An Ideal home

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 22, 2017
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An Ideal home

One of the Important needs of human Is home. Everyone’s home is the only place that brings a peaceful place that he/she feels comfortable. Some people spend their most time In the house, moreover; they would choose their home by the way they prefer. Some females would like to have a big house; some prefer a chic and small house, and some rather to live where they have many neighbors around them. A safe place that makes people feel comfortable and gives them peace is the main character of the house; however, it follows many other options that help people to be more testified with their home.

Houses can be divided into three categories based on their architectural design. The first type of the house is apartment. Some people would live in an apartment. Apartments are usually located in busy areas of the city where the population is more than other areas. Apartment buildings have high levels of security. It Is usually safer to live In an apartment because of the population. People who live In apartments often don’t deal with some outdoor problems such as cutting grass or cleaning, because In most cases the work Is done by offices and companies.

Due to gig population living In an apartment building, apartments offer less parking and that is one of the problem that apartment lover must deal with. Apartment is the first group of the houses. Single family house is the second kind of the house. Single family houses offer a larger area around the house because there is no other house around it, so people who live in single family houses can use the empty spot as parking, playground for kids, or a place to work for example, the big garage in a town house could be a place to build things with wood or doing minor mechanic work on cars.

Single family souses are Ideal for those who love to be in quiet places. Single family houses are not as safe as apartment because there won’t be any other house within distance. All maintenance and repair costs of the Interior, exterior, and everything In between are at the owner’s expense. Single family houses are likely to require much more energy to heat in cold weather. People who live in single-family houses are much more likely to own and use a private automobile rather than public transit. Single family houses are another kind of the house. The third type of the house is town house.

Town houses offer some advantages room the apartments, and some from the single family houses. Town house is attached, sharing at least one common wall with another, similar designed home. People who live in a town house have neighbors by their houses; therefore, they are safe. A town house can be rented easier than other type of the houses. Town houses generally have less front and backyard square footage than single-family homes. Shared walls are often a disadvantage of town houses because of increased noise and decreased privacy. Town houses usually have more than one floor, and some of them have one tiny garage In order to park a car.

People who live In town houses can take advantage of balcony or backyard. Apartments are located in a busy neighborhood which can offer more safety. Single family can be a perfect choice for those who like their privacy and quietness. Town houses are bigger than apartments, but smaller than single family houses. They are usually more than one floor with small balcony and backyard. People should consider all these options, and buy or rent their house equal to what they like, or what make them feel more comfortable. Each of these individual types has advantage and disadvantages that make us think twice before we choose them.

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