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A Day In

Analyze the many things that Frederic does during his typical day. You should groupies In terms of the five categories below, and provide a full list of subcategories for each: 1 Strategic Productivity & Quality Control Discussion about growing demand & ways to meet it. Quality Control checks during visit to ensure the best product and in line with the demand orders 0 Demand forecasting and quality performance Business enhancement plans

Expansion In capacity and process automation to meet Increasing demand amendment deliveries C] Introduction of new market competitive products Main suppliers issues that are affecting company’s performance 2. Design Automation & Repatriation of Packing, equipment requirements, tectonics’s justification and its ability of meet the future requirements. Expansion requirements to meet increasing demands Quality control measures to cater for client’s complaints New process controls for customers satisfaction & Introduction of new products D

Increase In storage capacity to ensure timely delivers Equipment design for new type of products to be launched Maintenance & repairs for existing equipment 3. Planning and control Check on productivity and quality control Equipment failure and to prevent such occurrences In future Planning for routine and new delivery orders Planning for production controls of new projects Regular meeting with concerned personnel to view the progress, resoluteness and planning required for future ventures