Letter of Dissatisfaction over Poor Maintenance Essay

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Letter of Dissatisfaction over Poor Maintenance

With reference to the above, as a last resort on behalf of the residents of Orchid View, I would like to complain that our neighborhood has poor maintenance since last few months. 2. Our neighborhood in which we live in used to be a pleasant place. It is no longer so. This Is due to the rubbish being dumped along the roadside Just a stone’s throw away from our houses. This rubbish is dumped by the local council few months ago.

Despite the stench that comes from the rubbish. It gets worse when there are clogged and smelly drains. This is because on rainy days, the rain hastens the rubbish into nearby drains. 3. Besides, the playground situated at the heart of our neighborhood is not maintained. The playground used to be occupied with teens and children every evening. However, there Is some damage to the swings, see-saws and other faculties cause them to stop going there. Moreover, long and uncut grass also worry the residents as there used to be reports saying they see poisonous animals such as makes in their house compound. . We are also dissatisfied with the road with potholes in our neighborhood. We believe the potholes are due to heavy transport such as lorries that use our neighborhood to reach nearby new construction place.