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Ecological Footprint

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 2, 2017
Words: 586
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Ecological Footprint

You can calculate your footprint for your residence hall or for your permanent family residence (you may need to call phone home to get some help with the info). If you have questions about some of the information needed, you can use Google or ay try other sites. Here are some that may help: For flying distances: http:// vim. Wobblier. Com/travel/millimeter/ A useful tool for converting values from one type of unit to another Is Magnetometer http://www. Magnetometer. Com/mega/ When completed, take a screen shot of the results from your flirt footprint quiz.

You will paste it into your document when you turn it in. Mac Print Screen Help: http:// www. Peremptoriness. Com PC Print Screen Help: http://windows. Microsoft. Com/en-us/windows/take-screen- capture-print-screen#take-screen-capture-print-screen=windows-8 number) http://inferiority. Org/en/quiz_results/ on acres)217. 6 on “Earth’s”) 5. 62 5. What is the “Country Average” Footprint for the USA? On acres) 246. 41 on “Earth’s”) 6. 35 6. Write a paragraph comparing your personal footprint with that of the Country Average Footprint for the USA.

Compare the two in terms of: (a) total global acres, (b) global acres by consumption category (I. E. , carbon, food, housing, goods), and (c) Earth’s needed. My family’s footprint is smaller than the countries average. As a whole my family consumes less than the average. Factors that influence this is the fact that my family and I don’t eat out a lot and save before we have to spend money on something new. Our house as a lot of environmental improvements like extra insulation so we don’t have to but our thermostat on high during the winter.

We have water saving showers, and when time/ weather allow it we dry our clothes outside instead of using the dryer. As a whole, my family consumes less than the countries average which is very good. The goal is to use less electricity and energy altogether to get our number of Earths cut in half. This can be done by spending less time driving without a purpose. At home I use the car a lot to drive to the mall and with my friends for fun. By using he car only to get to work and places with a purpose I could drastically lower the amount of miles I drive.

Instead of having my parents drive to pick me up from school every time (about 600 roundup) I could carpool or take a bus back and forth. Step 4. Evaluate your future Ecological Footprint. Recalculate your own footprint using answers you predict will reflect your life in 5 to 10 years (e. G. , bigger income, larger home, kids(? ), more travel, etc. ) Try to be realistic! Http://inferiority. Org/en/quiz_results/ 7. What is your estimated future footprint? On acres) 244. 9 on “Earth’s”) 6. 30 8. Briefly describe your predicted changes in lifestyle.

Do they increase or decrease your footprint? In which categories? How and why? When I am older I plan on living in a bigger house, and have a family of six. I plan on having a bigger garden then what I have now, and definitely buy more natural products. Because of my Job when I am older I plan on doing a lot of airway traveling which will drastically increase the number of airway miles I travel in a given year. Due to this increase in family size, increase airplane use, and house size my footprint will be bigger.

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