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Community Assessment Project

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 12, 2017
Words: 368
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Community Assessment Project

You are to complete a community assessment using the Windshield Survey method. This Is discussed both In Community Health Nursing: Promoting and Protecting the Publics Health (up. 403-4) and In Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan (p. 203). You will fled a community planning guide at the Healthy People website. This Is another strategy, similar to the nursing process for assessing and implementing community change, and might be helpful to you. The Community Tool Kit website from unit 5 might be helpful as well. Suggested topics for your assessment might include, but are not limited to:

Physical environment – plants and animals, air quality, greengages, zoning, water, climate, condition of road Health and social services – accessible, acute and chronic, public and private, community agencies, mental health, alternative therapies Economy – thriving, run down, industry, blue collar or professional, shopping areas accessible, evidence of frequent usage, unemployment rate, how are people dressed, what kind of transportation do they use, housing growth Transportation and safety – types of private and public transportation, sidewalks, bike trails, access for disabled, protective services (police, ire, sanitations alarm and water quality, evidence of crime Politics and government – signs of political activity, are people Involved? Communication – newspapers, media, flyers Education – how are schools, libraries maintained, Recreation – are there areas for children to play, health clubs, Jogging and bike trails, leisure time activities After collecting this information, analyze what you found: What are the indications of a healthy community, its strengths? What are the indications of needed improvement, its weaknesses?

Use some community statistics to substantiate your data. While you are looking at the community in general, think about each area relative to the population on which you are focusing your final project. Determine one community focused nursing diagnosis related to your population from these needs. Create an individual, a family and a community health promotion goal and suggest interventions for each. What collaboration will be necessary to reach this goal? How will you evaluate the success of the plan? Your paper must: be in PAPA format, include an introduction and conclusion, and include references, cited correctly. Be 3-5 pages (suggested length),

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