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An Evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 17, 2017
Words: 603
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An Evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility

If same decision if you knew that it would be reported on the front page of tomorrows newspaper. (“wry. Chevron. Com”, 2013) Chevron defines its governance policy as being transparent and responsive to stakeholders and its long-term success (“wry. Chevron. Com”, 2013). Community: Economic Development, Health and Education Chevron states: “Chevron contributes to the economic and social well-being of people in the countries where we operate because we recognize the deep interdependence of healthy businesses and healthy societies.

Wherever we are, we strive to be a good gibber, sharing the concerns of our communities and dedicating our capabilities, resources and people to creating a better future” (“MN. W. Chevron. Com”, 2013). Chevron’s community policies include economic development, health and education. Chevron reports that it is promoting education in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in locations in the US and its global partners where it conducts operations. Environment: Climate Change, Biodiversity, Freshwater and Energy Efficiency Chevron claims the belief that what’s good for the environment is good for business.

We believe that preserving a clean, safe, healthy environment can go hand in hand with meeting the world’s energy needs. We are continually evaluating and striving to improve our processes to reduce pollution and waste, conserve natural resources, and minimize potential negative environmental impacts of our activities and operations” (“wry. Chevron. Com”, 2013). Greenhouse gas emissions are major factors of air pollution leading to the erosion of the ozone layer, of which the aftermath is the growing concern over its effect on climate change.

Chevron’s policy on climate change Tate, in part, to be working to minimize Shag’s emissions from natural gas flaring by developing country specific plans to minimize this problem. Also, Chevron claims to have reduced gas flares by 41%. However, this is based on its own Flaring & Venting Environmental Performance Standard Report (2012 Corporate Responsibility Report: Chevron, 2013, p. 20). Reporting Annual Corporate Responsibility report is a document produced for Chevron’s stakeholders about its global business practices.

This report includes operational excellence and risk management, process and workforce safety, environmental tidewaters, biodiversity, economic development, and social investment. CARS Activities Environmental Stewardship 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report: Chevron (2013) discusses an example of Chevron’s environmental stewardship with its 50% investment in the Ethnocentric (TCO) to increase production in the Tenting oil field, and reduce the impact of flaring (the release of natural gas into the air). Chevron reports that flaring now is only associated with maintenance, repairs or for safety measures.

Biodiversity scientists, local fishermen and the Wildlife Conversation Society (WAS) to develop a diversity plan to monitor and protect the habitats of sea turtles, manatees and other marine life native to that region (“whom. Chevron. Com”, 2013). Economic Development Chevron is investing $29 billion to develop the Wheatstone project in Knows, Perth Australia, a town of approximately 900 people. This natural gas project is a collaboration with the Australian government to develop an offshore natural gas resource, and is expected to bring in new residents, services and strengthen its infrastructure.

Social Investment An example of Chevron’s social investment is its partnership with healthcare rebellions. Chevron is working in the fight against the HIVE/AIDS virus in Angola, Nigeria and South Africa by committing to funding for testing, treatment, education and support to end the mother-to-child transmission of the WAITS virus CARS Rankings Among global organizations recognized as having stellar CARS practices Chevron is ranked somewhat in the middle. According to Shrub. Com (2013), Chevron’s overall CARS rating is 51st amongst the top 100 CARS global organizations.

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