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Ways To Improve Fluency In One Of The F

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 15, 2017
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Ways To Improve Fluency In One Of The F

The reason of why I am so concerned with speaking skill Is that Eve known and sensed speaking skill Is weak compare to the other skills. Through reviewing of some techniques In speaking skills. I myself desire to learn something to be confident of speaking skill at the same time. The following statements will guide us to develop our fluency in speaking skill and help us to deliver ideas and thoughts clearly and orderly. First thing for the improvement in speaking skill is to read aloud as many as possible you can. Sometimes we have found that uncertainty of correct pronunciation from some of the vocabulary words.

When we read aloud, we can easily find out and correct mispronounced words and think about the different syllable sounds within the words. We’d better practice speaking with other people rather than practice alone. While we practice speaking in English alone, we might be hard to find any wrong things from what we spoke. And we can correct, modify, and supplement own lack parts of speaking skill that is learned from what others’ speaking. We can Join English peaking club or organization so that It will help us to practice more speaking In English.

In the same line with above the statement, to improve your speaking skills, we’d better find a partner to exercise English speaking skill. It is better to find a partner who has a different first language in order to prohibit ourselves to give up easily in a middle of practicing English speaking skills with a partner who has the same mother tongue. It is also advisable to find someone who has the same level as you. When you follow the above suggestion, you will be more encouraged and titivated to practice In English. On the other hand, we also need to practice English speaking carefully and steadily by ourselves.

We can choose a particular topic or write own question for the practice speaking. While you are practicing speaking skills, we can check our volume and speed of speaking through recording. We can keep remind ourselves with these questions. Are you speaking loud enough? Are you speaking too quickly? If you speak too quickly or too softly, other people will not comprehend at all and will have difficulty understanding of what you really want to deliver your Ideas. At the same time, making a note for writing weak points from the every single moments of practice speaking is advisable.

It is advantage of taking notes that you will never forget what you have to correct in speaking. It will helpful to repeat ourselves. This may contains a problem with your pronunciation or accent, and tell us which areas are still needed to exercise. Our tone of voice. Whenever we listen carefully to native English speaker, we’d better to take notes the way they say. We can learn and think of influence of their tones into he message that they give. According to variation of tones such as, friendly or unfriendly, high or low tone of the speech will greatly affect our message to the others.

Practice varying your tone will be helpful to express our emotions or thoughts variously. When we put emphasis or intonation pattern, this will show exactly what you think the important parts that you are saying. English is a rhythmical language not a simple or monotonous language which means that you can Speaking should be based on grammar. When we suppose to speak wrongly with disagreement with he subject and the verb, or incorrect usage of words, it will be laughable by others. Through record our speaking will help us to find out grammar errors.

We can study from our mistakes. If we cannot speak fluently, we may be questionable whether we haven’t got enough vocabulary. English is regarded as a second language by non- native speaker who have experienced lots of times to encounter language barrier with vocabulary. Developing our vocabulary is necessary to handle when we talk about different topics. Keep on trying, learning and memorizing new words will be beneficial to apply different situation as well. Above all things, as a learner, we do not need to lose courage and confidence with speaking.

Basic learners will get easily worrying about other’s taking dim view of their own level of speaking. Having a positive attitude will prevent or protect us from criticism as well as we can overcome successfully with learning speaking. We should believe when we practice consistently at something, it will show beautiful miracles which we have already built skills and developed talents in speaking as we haven’t noticed. Reference http://extraterrestrials. Com/wordless/ten-tips-to-improve-your-English-speaking- skills. HTML

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