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Topic Summary

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 18, 2017
Words: 820
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Topic Summary

Being male or female involves not Just biology but also certain masculine ND feminine feelings, attitudes, and behaviors. Sociologists distinguish biological sex from sociological gender. Gender Is your sense of being male or female and playing masculine and feminine roles as defined by your culture and society. One’s gender is composed of the feelings, attitudes, and behaviors typically associated with being male or female. Gender Identity Is one’s identification with or sense of belonging to a particular sex biologically, psychologically, and socially.

When you behave according to widely shared expectations about how males or females are supposed to act, than o adopt a gender role. The social construction of gender does not stop at the school steps because outside of school, children, adolescents, and adults continue to negotiate gender roles as they Interact with the mass media. The gender roles that children learn in their families, at school, and through the mass media form the basis for their social interaction as adults.

For example, by playing team sports, boys tend to learn that social interaction is most often about competition, conflict, self- sufficiency, and hierarchical relationships. Once the sex of children Is known, parents ND teachers tend to treat boys and girls differently in terms of the kind of play, dress, and learning they encourage. The mass media reinforce the learning of masculine and feminine roles by making different characteristics seem desirable in boys and girls, men and women. Money has been the driving force behind the creation of the world’s first sex change at Johns Hopkins Clinic.

He was well known for his research on interested infants, babies born with ambiguous genitals because of a hormone imbalance in the womb or some other cause. When one psychiatrist summarized baby Brace’s future, he emphasized that he would not be able to have aroma heterosexual marriages. The psychiatrist also stressed that when Bruce grew up, he would have to acknowledge his physical defect and live apart from others. It was Moneys opinion that infants with unfinished genitals should be assigned a sex by surgery and hormone treatment, and reared In accordance with their newly assigned sex.

According to Money, these strategies would lead to the child developing a self-identity consistent with its assigned sex. The process discussing identities social forces that push us to define ourselves as conventionally masculine family, the school, and the mass media is compelling and is sustained by daily interactions. A minority of people however, resists conventional gender roles. According to sociobiology’s and evolutionary psychologists, as men compete with other men for sexual access to many women, competitiveness and aggression emerge.

They say that women are greedy for money, whereas men want casual sex with women, treat women’s bodies as their property, and react violently to women who incite male sexual Jealousy. From the point of view of sociobiology and evolutionary psychology, gender differences in behavior are based in biological differences between women and men. In the family, women traditionally specialize in raising children and managing the household. Men traditionally work in the paid labor force. They learn to perform these complementary roles by means of gender role colonization.

For boys, the essence of masculinity is a series of instrumental traits such as rationality, self-assuredness, and competitiveness. For girls, the essence of femininity is a series of expressive traits such as nurture and sensitivity to others. They both first learn their respective gender traits in the family as they see their parents going about their daily routines. According to sociobiology’s and evolutionary psychologists, as men compete with other men for sexual access to many women, competitiveness and aggression emerge.

One of the most popular series on NBC is Law and Order: Special Victims Units. Every week the show depicts a widespread of problems. For example, there are serious acts of aggression between men and women. Usually, the perpetrators are men and the victims are women. Men do not commit harmful acts of aggression against women more frequent than women commit against them because they are on average physically more powerful than women are. Greater physical power is more likely to e used to commit acts of aggression only when norms Justify male domination and men have much more social power than women do.

When women and men are more equal socially, and norms Justify gender equality, the rate of male aggression against women is lower. Some example that could lower the level of inequality between women and men are, the women’s movement that was fought by women and won. It increased rights for women on a number of economic, political, and legal fronts. Inequality between men and women in terms of health, participation in the paid labor force, and political influence.

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