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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 17, 2017
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The older you get the more I feel you become more like your parents. Some of the things that were important to you as a teenager or young adult are no longer a priority to you. When I was in high school I remember watching my dad spend almost a full weekend on our 2 acre yard making sure It was Immaculate. Then once he was done. My mother and him would spend the rest of their time trying to think of ideas to remodel the house or decorate it. Used to think what a waste of time. They could be doing something a lot better than that. Now that Im older I find myself doing the name things my father did.

How many of you own your own home or are working towards It? One of the most important things in your home is your flooring. It’s the first thing your company will set foot on and see. So its important to make sure you have one down that works for you and your family so your not constantly replacing It or wishing you could because it looks bad. For those of you who might be thinking about flooring or will be in the near future I’m going to go over a few types of flooring, the benefits to each one, the cleaning process, and how they are installed. The first type of flooring most people are familiar with is carpet.

It comes in a low pile or high pile ( plush y, pattern, frieze, barber, or commercial grade. It comes made in nylon fiber or polyester fiber (recycled plastic). Carpet is manufactured in a 12′ – 15′ wide rolls – lengths vary Next option would be vinyl plank or Vinyl tile. Vinyl planks and Vinyl tile come In wood looks such as handicapped or traditional non scrape looks. The vinyl tile comes in many different tile looks some with ad imagery to give a realistic look. They come in Individual planks or tile. They are made from PVC (poly vinyl chloride). My last option Is Hardwood.

This comes handicapped or traditional looking (non- handicapped). This product can be Engineered or Solid. There are also many types of species of wood you can purchase. The most common are Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory, Maple, or Walnut. These too come In Individual planks some with random sizes. There are many benefits to each of these floorings. Carpet pros are, its great for those who want warmth or a cushioned flooring. Carpet used to be throughout most of the house but now people are changing their looks so carpet Is ending up mainly in bedrooms and closets only. The cons to carpet are they hold dirt and oils.

Most people don’t clean them like they are supposed to, so they end up looking bad quickly. The new trend is vinyl plank. Vinyl plank flooring is great for those who are active, have kids, or animals. They are hard to destroy and can be replaced Individually If needed. The cons to vinyl plank can be lower grades of this flooring do not have great protection on top so they tend to scuff up real easy. Lastly Hardwood 1 OFF because they don’t show as many imperfections as a traditional wood look. These floors if damaged can be replaced individually or refinished if needed.

The cons can be color and finish. Darker colors tend to show everything and a non hand scraped floor with a shiny finish can show every scratch. TRANSITION Most flooring is simple to clean others can be a little bit of work. Carpet needs to vacuumed as many times a week per every person & pet in the house. Ex: If there are 4 people in the house then it needs to be vacuumed 4 times per week. Every 12-18 months you need someone to come in and professionally steam clean it to keep warranties. Vinyl plank can be mopped with a damp mop and warm water or any vinyl cleaning product from a floor store.

Hardwood can be cleaned using a dust mop, up right vacuum cleaner without a beater brush, or a cleaning solution made by a wood manufacturer. Never use Murphy’s oil or water to clean a hardwood floor. Here is how each one is installed. For carpet the floor is first cleaned then tack strip is nailed W out from the baseboards to the sub floor. Next a pad is glued to the sub floor. The carpet is then laded over the pad and stretched with tool called a power stretcher in each direction to tighten it. Once it is stretched the carpet is tucked under the baseboards to hide the edges.

Depending on the manufacture vinyl lank can be laded either using a vinyl plank adhesive or what’s known as free floating. Free floating is when the planks are not glued to the sub floor but instead just tongue and groove clicked together. Hardwood too has multiple ways to install as well. If it is an engineered wood floor it can be glued down or some offer a free floating installation as well. If it is a solid hardwood then it will be nailed down. The process for a nail down requires a 6 mil poly plastic moisture barrier laded down, then plywood, then your felt paper, and finally your hardwood is nailed down.

Then you ecocide if you want to leave it or have it hand scraped. Now that I have gone over a few types of flooring, some benefits, the cleaning process, and how they are installed. I hope this helps you gain some insight to what might fit you and your family best if you are currently looking to redo your home. This was Just a little bit of info. When comes to flooring there is some much to learn that I have not gone over. The internet is always a good way to find more info. Thank for listening. There is a lot of info to help guide you on your Journey. A few of the websites are CRIB. Com,

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