Informal Letter to a friend Essay

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Informal Letter to a friend

Informal Letter to a friend Hi Jazz, Long time no see, how are you? I send this letter to you is to tell you about my result of the End of Term exam. I had a formal exam last week and I get my result this morning. I felt broke down when I get the result paper. My result was terrible. Get C, B and AAA in my exam result. I get C grade In my Business Studies and Biology while I get B grade in Mathematics, Chemistry, Design & Technology and English. I was so shocked when I knew that I get A In my worst language subject and physics.

I laden know why can I get A In my physics, I hate physics so much, because I can’t understand what is it. Before the exam I get up at Sam In the morning every day. After I woke up, I tried study every subject. During weekend, I would Like to meet up with my classmates to study In the library. I study so hard every day but my exam result still very bad. The summer holiday Is corning, I would Like to study hard during my holidays. I will not spend my time out to hang out with my friends. Finally I would like to wish you all the best in your studies; can’t wait to see you again.