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Icelt Task Carlos

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: December 29, 2017
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Icelt Task Carlos

Video footage from the classroom lesson will be analyzed in full detail school in Dolores Hidalgo who are between 11-12 years old. This is a beginner level class since English exposure has been limited and this is their second year with me. Students really like to learn English and have an active approach on their learning. During this observation I introduced them to the simple past, and the following are my observations related my speaking. II.

Pronunciation From what I listened in the video, I feel my pronunciation was functional since I was able to speak at a level in which my students were able to understand me. To point UT one example in particular, students were playing a game and before they started I gave them the following instructions on a reading activity, “Now, at the count of three you re going to start, okay? One-two-three! ” Judging my voice, I would have to see that my voice clarity was clear enough for students to understand and it showed as students were doing the activity correctly.

Vocabulary Since I teach primary learners the word choice I make in my teaching is very challenging because their comprehension level is limited. In the PENNE program we are instructed to use as much visual material as possible to make vocabulary acquisition a simple process. During a reading activity there was an elimination part where the students had to use an elimination chant. These were my words to get them to use it, “Paper! Scissors! Rocks! (this time by using gestures), Paper! Scissors! Rocks!

Combining simple words with gestures was very effective in getting the students to use the chant. Saying Just the words can be pretty plain and confusing for students and since I work with children it is vital for me to incorporate body language as well, even though I feel like a cheerleader sometimes. Function In terms of function and dealing with requesting for information from students, I think this was effectively done during my speaking. In one activity, I had students giving me feedback about what places they remembered from the reading game that they Just got done playing.

I told them, “Listen, I want you to tell me about the places that you remember from the game we played, I’m going to divide you in teams and you have 2 minutes to make a list, the team with the most words wins” This was effective since I got my students working and they were completing the information I was requesting. UNSUCCESSFUL POINTS In terms of grammar, this is one of my weakest points as a teacher since I don ‘t have too much experience it complicates my teaching a lot. The objective here was to introduce the past by using places that students visited on the past weekend, but I partly failed because of my poor approach.

This is what I said, “Today we are going to talk about the places we visited, and do you remember the days of the week? (Students say and I write on board). Thank you Saturday and Sunday are the weekend. Where were you? To describe this we use the verb be in past. ” Everything as fine until I started using grammar terms, that was a big no-no and it ruined my communicative approach. Discourse Analysis This part of my language was also very difficult for me to perform, and I felt that I had some mistakes in terms of giving my students proper feedback which is fundamental in building confidence in students.

When we did the closure activities, we had about 10 minutes of class time left, and I should have used this time to talk about student performance. This is what I said, “Class is finished thank you, now you can relax. Please no horse playing or I will leave you extra homework” This was very bad cause I could have used this time more efficiently by providing some motivating comments and giving them something to build on.

Style As far as my language style is concerned, it was complicated for me as well because at some point I was being using very formal speech and this was bad because my students get bored really easily. In the grammar presentation I used some very formal speech that should not have been used. I said the following, “Listen up, we’re going to analyze the parts that form the past, so let’s write a sentence on the board. Please Feline could you write a sentence (Feline writes). Now what are the elements? We have a subject, a verb in past, and a public place, yes? It was way too mechanical and students were passive and failed to relate to my presentation. CONCLUSION A final review of my speaking tells me that I really have to work on my grammar approach, and I will be doing more inductive presentations and avoid using strong grammar concepts. Moreover, In my discourse analysis, I will be more supportive of my students by providing proper feedback which will give them something to follow up on. Finally, My style needs to radically change in order to make my students more interested in their learning.

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