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Essay English Final Eng

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 22, 2017
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Essay English Final Eng

None more prominent or contrasting then In he two novels I have studied In this course, Tim Window’s, Breath” and Twits Dungaree’s, Nervous Conditions”. The characters In both of these novels fall victim to their geographical location, in regards friends, past-times, actions and education, these all impact the actions and the outcomes of the novels in question.

Tim Window’s “Breath” is set in a small Western Australian logging village named Sawyer, near the fictional coastal town of Angelus, the area relies heavily on the fact that It Is coastal and the recreational activities for the area Involve the water or rests, even If most of the older generation of the town are fearful of the water and forests. The main character, Bruce Pike, or Pike as he is known throughout the novel, is introduced to us as a paramedic at the start of the novel but we are then tolerated back in time to see and understand Pikes coming of age.

Pike is heavily influenced in his actions in regards education, pastimes and friendships by the small coastal town of Sawyer where he grew up. The second novel I studied and will be comparing and contrasting to Breath” For the purpose of this essay Is “Nervous Conditions” by Twits Damageable_ In this novel we are introduced to the world of Rhodesia (presently Zanzibar), Africa, by our narrator Tambala, or Thumb as she is known in this novel. We are introduced to a world where women’s rights are still an issue and Thumb falls victim to the culture that she is surrounded by.

We see how Thumb is also influenced in choice of friends, in her education and her actions by the geographical location that she was born In to. For the purpose of this essay I am now going to examine how geographical location Impacts the plots and characters of the wow texts. I will do this by comparing each geographical location and character by the past-times, friendships and education that they are entitled to and how these come together to impact the formation of the characters and the plot of the text.

In the novel Breath” we see the friendship between Pike and Ivan Loon, known as Leonie” as essential to the plot of the story. Pike and Loonies friendship comes about by their mutual love of the water and soon they are surfing everyday together. Bill Sanderson or Sands and his wife Eva Sanderson are also essential to the plot and the orientation of Pike as a character. They all share the love of danger and the geographical setting of this novel allows them to flirt with death at new levels each day.

The town where Pike lives with his mother and father is not a very exciting place and prospects are not high for the locals, there is little in the form of extracurricular activity and so the sea is Pikes escape from the boring and ‘ordinary life that he leads with his Mother and Father. L leant across the wall of upstanding water and the The billion shards of light. I remember the solitary watching fugue on the beach and he flash of Loonies smile as I flew by; I was intoxicated. ” (Winston, peg. 0) In surfing Pike found the exciting and completely UN-ordinary thing that he had been searching for and could not find at home with his family, or even in school. In his teens Pike develops an intimate relationship with Eva Sanderson when her husband Sands and Leonie take off on a surfing trip. The friendship the Pike forms with Leonie and Eva not only impacts Pikes childhood but also leaves him traumatized and unnerved in later life, in truth, these relationships develop the character of Pike in this novel. In the same way we see Thumb greatly influenced by the characters in her life, such as her friendship with her cousin Nash.

Thumb sees how Nash is struggling with the difference between the ways women are treated in the western world and how things are in the Shown community. It’s bad enough … When a country gets colonized, but when the people do as well! That’s the end, really, that’s the end. ” (Damageable, Chapter 7) In this quote Nash is trying to push on Thumb that the way women are treated and looked upon is not something that should be readily accepted by the people but they should fight against it and not be ‘colonized’. Damageable is also using this reference with regard the state of Rhodesia.

It is through the trauma of fighting with her father, Bankrupt and her battle with anorexia that Tatum’s coming of age happens. Ultimately Helping Nash through her tough times makes Thumb develops Thumb as a character. The education of the main characters is determined greatly by the geographical locations of each of the texts. Bruce Pike attends a high school in Angelus as does most children in his area, here is also an Gag school closer which Leonie attends. Education is a given in this area and whether you attend the Gag School or travel to Angelus like Pike, everyone is expected to get some sort of education.

Pike never worries about school until his parents put pressure on him and when Pike starts to put his brain to use he begins to excel in his work. However, for a girl of the same age living in Africa the idea of education is most definitely not a given”. Thumb is not encouraged to finish school like her brother Ammo. Thumb is forced to work and sell maize that she grows on ere families land to fund her education. After her brother’s untimely death from a mysterious illness she is forced to carry on the family name that the oldest boy in most families are to be.

Thumb takes her deceased brothers place at the mission school and excels in her school work. Thumb sees education as a pathway to financial success based on the example of her Uncle Bankrupt, who is an educated wealthy man that funded Ammo and now is funding Thumb through the Mission School. Although education is available to women in the area Thumb is in, educated women o not always act on their achievements as is seen with Bankrupt’s wife Maiming who has a master’s degree that she has never used.

From an early age Thumb realized that the needs and sensibilities of the women in the family were not considered a priority or not even legitimate” (Damageable, Chapter 1) Women are seen as home-makers and mothers only in this area where Thumb is from. In contrast we see characters such as Eva Sanderson in Breath” who we learn excelled in snowboarding and shows little or no interest in cooking or cleaning in the home she shares with Sands. Although both Pike and Thumb excel in their studies their outlook on life of the main characters is also influenced by the geographical location of the novels I studied.

In Breath” the main characters Pike, Leonie, Sands and Eva are all danger-seekers and love to flirt with death. Pike is seen as an ‘ordinary child and finds his parents life boring and predictable, there is not much happening in their small down and Pike and Leonie find themselves looking for excitement and that’s where Sands come in, Sands is world renowned for his skills in surfing some of the world’s most dangerous and biggest waves. The more dangerous the better for Sands. This is why he settles in the coastal town of Angelus and he takes Leonie and Pike under his wing as prop©g©’s.

Leonie by name and ‘loony by nature, he is afraid of nothing and flirts with death too many times that his demise comes about after he gets himself shot when a drug deal goes wrong. It is evident that Leonie has danger running through his veins and clear that wherever he was born or ended up he would find danger to occupy himself, unfortunately for Pike it Just so happened that they would cross-paths. Due to Loonies impact and Pikes love of water, Angelus, came home to many flirts with death and many eye opening developments of Pike as a character.

The outlook on life is a lot different for Thumb, she has no time for flirting with death and is more focused on getting an education and must battle with the system that sexual discrimination and gender inequality form the back-drop of society. Although at the beginning of the text Thumb accepts the way of her society, through her friendship with Nash she learns that there are better prospects for women in the western world. When Bankrupt beats Thumb because she does not tend her Uncles wedding Thumb is quietly pleased with herself for standing up for what she believes in. Quietly, unobtrusively and extremely fitfully, something in my mind began to assert itself, to question things and refuse to be brainwashed, bringing me to this time when I can set down this story. It was a long and painful process for me, that process of expansion. ” (Damageable, Chapter 10). Thumb struggles with leaving for her new school and how it might make her Western’ and how her mother is sickened with worry due to her. She is so happy to finally be going o college but she realizes it comes at a price. In most countries around the world education is taken for granted but not in Rhodesia.

Contrasting and comparing the geographical locations of each of these texts show the reader how far the developing world is in need of a new outlook and way of life. Although Tim Winston, Breath” is set up to 30 years ago, the rights of characters such as Eva do not come in to consideration as they are a given, it is known as the post-feminist era. In Nervous Conditions”, despite being set in the modern era, we see the clear prejudices against omen. Africa and Australia, both in the Southern Hemisphere but Worlds apart in terms of Gender Inequality and Sexual Discrimination.

Even before we read about the characters we can automatically get a vision of injustice in Rhodesia due to documentaries and news bulletins that no one can escape. People in countries such as Australia take education and equality for granted, but for Thumb it is a dream. To Conclude Geographical Location is a hugely important factor in the outcomes and the development of characters and plots. The development of friendships, education and fife outlook, depend greatly on the geographical location that you have become accustomed to.

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