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Derek Vigil

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 18, 2017
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Derek Vigil

Things seemed like they were coming to an end and all hope seemed lost as mime passed closer and closer to the state tournament. Our only option was to qualify at the district tournament where we were not even considered to compete with our cross town rival Albuquerque Academy. The season seemed Like a waste and we looked forward to watching from the stands at the tournament, but this really did not seem like fun. We went to our second to last regular season tournament with little hopes Just trying to keep our individual chances alive.

This tournament was very unlike all of our previous tournaments because it was an afternoon tournament, we usually played in the mornings. We started off slow, our only player playing descent shot a 75 but the rest of us went on to play our last three holes six under par combined and we shot qualifying score of 303 which put us only one more qualification away from making to the state championships. As we practiced waiting for our last regular season tournament of the year we prepped for the one thing that we all wanted an invitation to the state tournament.

In this last tournament we went out starting very strong all of our first four players did their job except for our three player. We were two strokes out of qualifying. Then out of nowhere the unexpected happened and our last player had shot qualifying score that we needed of a 79. This was exactly what we needed and we were going to states The next thing that we had was the district tournament and although we did not need to win this tournament to go to state we still wanted it to prove to ourselves, going into state that we could compete.

The tournament did not go as we wanted it to but we still were able to take away some benefits from it. We did not win but we came In second and only lost to the heavily favorites Albuquerque Academy by three strokes. Three of our player did not play to their potential In this tournament as well, but we did have two players make the all district first-team. We did not win the district tournament but we did have descent showing at the tournament, which only gave us more confidence.

The next week we traveled to New Mexico Tech Golf Course in Sorrow, New Mexico for the New Mexico State Golf Championships. In the first round we started off with a fire driving us, with four of our top five players being wealth two strokes of team score of 324. The good part is that we still were not yet out of contention. We were in second place, but ten strokes off the leaders, which were the Deeming, Wildcats. In the Second round of the state tournament we still could not find that fire that we started with.

We ended the front nine being now fourteen strokes behind the lead. Just when all hope seemed lost we finally found that same fire that we had started the tournament with. We ended up shooting only two over par the back nine as a team, but still it was not enough. We still were six strokes behind the leaders. The Saint Pious X, Saran ended up coming second in the states AAA high school golf Hampshire. There were some successes though we had two players make the first team all-state team, and we had brought the school its first golf trophy that it had received in 32 years.

In this season I learned a lot about how if I do my part I can help my team accomplish its goals. I also learned a lot about myself and how if I push myself I can do anything and help work towards a common goal with my teammates and myself. We did not win but we made run that the state had not seen before. From being a team that was not even expected to make the tournament, to being into contention in he big dance. This showed that confidence is something that can make a huge difference in big events.

Anything is possible if you Just put your mind to it and making a run at this title inspired me to work harder so that in future situations I can help my team win a championship. Being a part of a team is something brings out the best in a person. You push each other to be the best that all of you can possibly be. I continue to work and push my teammates so that at the end of the day we can all say that we gave all we got and there is nothing you regret.

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