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College Letter

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 18, 2017
Words: 464
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College Letter

With whom have you developed a mentoring relationship? How has this proved to be important to you? You may comment on a situation where you have been either the mentor or t he person being mentored. In fact I went to Yahoo Answers and asked the online community for help…. Now that have that out of the way, let me begin by telling you my life’s Journey and where I am now and why. There was many different pathways I could’ve gone and each relationship I dive loped could have lead me in the wrong pathway, but I was In luck because I developed a me motoring allegations early on with my Aunt Linda.

The person I have become is all because of her unlike me my triplet sisters Jessica and Katie both didn’t have anyone mentoring them. Jessie ca ended up pregnant at 16, Katie ended up Into drugs and they both dropped out of highlights t hat could’ve easily been me I could’ve gone that route too. Life was a journey I didn’t have a mom or dad there for me, but at least I always had my Aunt Linda just a dial away. She looked out for me even from far away, always made s rue I was going In the right direction, encouraged me and was a motherly figure to me. Growing up I never really knew what normal was.

I moved once to twice a year and I was the “it child” wit h my mom mentally/ physically abused while living with my mom. My mom kicked me out o f the family at age 13. Damaged and confused I went to live with my disabled dad who I as w about once a week while living with him because he was never home. The mentoring relation unships grew stronger with my Aunt Linda having unlimited freedom at age 13 1 knew I needed so me rules/ guidance and my Aunt Linda was there. For example my Aunt Linda always called me sure I did my homework and that I was going to school.

She guided me and helped m e understand that it wasn’t my fault the way my mom treated me. From early on to now thousands and thousands of minutes talking on the phone developing a relationship with my Aunt Linda where she has been guiding me in the right direction, she has trained me and advised me in becoming a young adult. I would have e never had the strength or courage; to get 2 Jobs, learn how to play lacrosse/ football/ hockey, about to finish high school. I have become a strong independent young adult and it would’ve never happened without a mentor.

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