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Lesson Plan Time Critical Illness

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 31, 2017
Type of paper: EducationGeneral Studies
Words: 294
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Lesson Plan Time Critical Illness

To recognize and manage time critical Illnesses . Learning outcomes (By the end of the lesson the student will be able to): Recognize stroke,. Understand heart attack and stroke. Time TOPIC/LOS Teaching actively Learner activities Resources Assessment 2 miss Introduction Introduce myself and the alms and objectives, check previous experience set ground ales, health and safety check.

Listen, ask questions. None needed Oral questions 6 miss LOL Explain heart attack, angina and stroke. FAST test, group discussions, Open Questions Marker Pens and Flip Chart Discussion. ‘ questions and answers. Recap 3 miss Ask learners opinion around use of equipment. Open Questions 63 training defied. Observation/ discussion questions and answers. Recap ALL Demonstrate DRAB, explaining each step and real time demo.

Gain Knowledge, Listen, Ask questions, Open Questions Reuses Annie, 63 training defied. Oral Questioning/ questions and answers. Recap 7 miss LOS DRAB combined with use of the defied. Learners to participate under my direction Marker pens and Flowchart. Reuses Annie, 63 training defied. Discussion/ questions and answers. Recap Sum up, check understanding and refer back to objectives Answer simple questions about the subjects taught.

Oral questions and answers Quiz Notes/comments I am using drawn diagrams and written literature from The British Heart Foundation o address my more visual learners, and an Algorithm handout for the my reader/ writing learners, there are practical activities for the kinesthesia learners and getting the group to discuss the signs and symptoms of time critical illness to a real situation not only address the kinesthesia learners but should also cement the learning by doing and reflecting the experience. All of the activities are inclusive and are pitched at a level where everyone can Join in. My literature reflects diversity.

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