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Korematsu V. the United States

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 14, 2017
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Korematsu V. the United States

From Jerry descriptions of his father, the man seems more boisterous than the gentlemen described In “My Father Is a Simple Man. ” Jerry father Is known to sing songs and Is described as always having a beer In his hand on Friday night. The father in “My Father Is a Simple Man” is more subdued.

The speaker does not describe his father as particularly humorous or lively. Yet what he lacks in energy he seems to make up for with patience and dignity. Despite the obvious differences between them, both men have an impact on their children and both children ultimately wish to honor and respect their fathers. Scapulars: unlocking words Read the sentence, and choose how you would define the underlined word. 1 . I’m disappointed that you would perpetuate a rumor about me that you knew to be false. A. Hoot B. Remember C. Keep alive D. Deny 2. I had a viral infection sol had to go to the doctor for treatment. A. Relating to a virus B. The opposite of a virus C. Before a virus D. Around a virus 3. Try using the prefix per- and the suffix -al to form words of your own. Answers will vary. Some possibilities are: permissive, perambulate, perceive, accidental, experimental, and autumnal. 0 2008 KEY Inc. All rights reserved. Copying or distributing without KITS written consent is prohibited. Page 1 of 2 4.

You have learned that scholars and school come from the same Latin root, school, which means “related to learning. ” With this in mind, explain one of your scholastic interests. Answers will vary, but they should make it clear that scholastic interests have to do with school or learning. I really like history a lot because I enjoy learning how other cultures and civilizations overcame the problems they faced, the ways in which the people long ago were different from people today, and the ways in which hey were the same. 5.

You have learned that pretense means “false appearance or intention. ” Pretense comes from the same root as the word pretend, and you can see the relationship between their meanings. If someone described you as pretentious, would you be pleased? Why or why not? I would not be pleased because if someone described me as pretentious that would mean that he or she thought that I was being fake or pretending to be someone or something that I am not. 2008 KEY Inc. All rights reserved. Copying or distributing without SKI g’s written Page 2 of 2

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