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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 31, 2017
Type of paper: EducationScience
Words: 1138
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Apply appropriate approaches to lesson planning and curriculum placement; c. Align curriculum components to instruction and assessment; d. Distinguish the role of stakeholders (Students; teachers, employers, parents, and community in the delivery of the curriculum. Seat Work: A. Review textbook or reference book used in a subject area and do content analysis. Decide whether the books are up to date and appropriate for the target learners. B. Write a Narrative, reflecting the result of your own analysis. E-Mall Address: [email protected] Deed. H FSP-AY-2014-2015 Schedule: Wednesday( 3-4) Actively No. : 2 Target Competencies: a. Validate objectives, motivational techniques and learning strategies; b. Determine the role of the classroom teacher; c. Qualify the teaching tools and devices used in the instruction; d. Observe the teacher’s behavior, habits, and skills in handling the learners. Activity: A. Visit a classroom in a chosen subject area. Note the tasks done by the teachers as they do their lessons in the class that you have visited. Record the tasks that you have observed.

Cite at least three (3) techniques in preparation for the classroom observation. 1 . Always make sure that your visual aids are ready. 2. Organize your things so that it will easy for you to discuss your lesson. . Make your classroom conducive for the learning of the children. Observation systematically. Continuous discussion. 1. Put your lesson in order so that you will have a 2. Ready all your visual aids and needs so that it will not waste your time to get meeting or putting something on the board.

Analyze the objectives, methods, and assessment employed by the teacher; b. Identify strengths and weaknesses of the instructional activities observed; c. Recommend ways of medication and needs of change on methods, techniques and assessment used by the teacher. A. Ask permission from your teacher to try out different strategies in the class. What modified? Strategy Best Features Need to Changed and Modified Group Activity Games The children develop social skills and they interact with each other. The teacher uses games to motivate her pupils to participate in the class discussion.

The pupils are more attentive and participate in the class discussion. The teacher needs to continue the atmosphere of the classroom because while doing the group activity some of the pupils are very talkative. The strategy needs to be modified because lack of information was given to the hillier. Schedule: Wednesday( 3-4) Activity No. : 5 Activity Title: SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PLAN a. Sequence events observed based on product, process praxis or theoretical; b. Differentiate the terms based on its logical implication in teaching; c. Reflect on the tasks done by the teacher.

B. Based on your observation book, cite and discuss the sequence of events observed. Product Process Theoretical Bases/ Assumptions Oral Activity Writing Activity Reading Activity The teacher asks her pupils to rewrite what she is had been written in the board. The teacher will ask her pupils to read the story on the book. Cognitive Theory Multiple Intelligences Theory Learning Theory It is cognitive because it the pupil was challenged to answer the question. As they write they are also reading and acquire information and also they practice their fine motor skills.

It is cognitive because as they read they understand the story and gain information. Schedule: Wednesday( 3-4) Activity No. : 6 Activity Title: MY REFLECTION, INSIGHTS, AND LEARNING EXPERIENCES Target a. Expound one’s personal experiences in the actual classroom observation; Relate one’s educational philosophy in the experience; c. Discuss how the monuments of curriculum become functional in the daily lesson planning, MY INSIGHTS AND REFLECTION Be a well-developed teacher! B. As a future teacher, this is a big challenge to me. Could I become an effective and efficient teacher someday?

Could I effectively use my head, hearts and hands in helping my students to be better? The teacher should use the she’s in teaching the students. Head”teaching lots of ideas to learning, by molding them academically; Hearts”helps them if they have a problem’s, be a compassionate teacher; and Hands”be helpful, be approachable, we should not help the students through uncial aspects but we could help them through giving advices and support. Schedule: Wednesday( 3-4) Activity No. : Activity Title: ALL ABOUT THE LEARNERS a. To recognize individual differences among learners in the classroom; b.

Instill high level of patience, perseverance, and love of wisdom; c. To internalize good working values, habits and attitudes. ALL ABOUT THE LEARNERS In school there are different types of learners depending on their personalities. Some of the learners on the school I observed were so energetic that he often stands up and go around the classroom. It would deal a lot of patience to understand and control this student. There are some who are talkative and this makes the room lively and noisy but still it’s not good if the class is going on. Some of them wouldn’t listen on the one who is reciting.

There are those who stands out from the rest in terms of knowledge and there are some who are Just average. There are that who listen to their teacher very well and behaves in the classroom. I also encountered students in the classroom who really wants to pick some fight I can’t imagine a grade 1 would want to start a fist fight against his fellow classmate. As a teacher it would be great if you could have a lot of patience and love for this students to help them learn and understand.

To expose oneself to the multidimensional tasks of teachers in the classroom; b. To develop positive attitude towards teaching profession; c. To foster dynamic and progressive image of a future teacher. ALL ABOUT THE TEACHER Mrs… Behaves is a superb teacher because she is really dedicated to the teaching profession. She is really good in teaching grade 1 pupils. She has a long temper to her learners. She is fair in dealing with her learners and Mrs… Behaves is very approachable. She organizes her lessons well and very responsible to the learners.

She is not so strict to her pupils because she understands the attitudes of the learners. Mrs… Behaves is a good model/example to her pupils and also to us as becoming a future educator. For me this is a very challenging and exiting profession of all. Teaching is the noblest of all profession. I like teaching because It molds the hearts, minds and hands of students. If you are really an effective and efficient teacher, you could touch your student’s lives. You will be their inspiration and they will never forget you for the rest of their lives.

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