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Curriculum Development

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 30, 2017
Words: 384
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Curriculum Development

The Impact of curriculum design in teaching and learning Is that the students Is giving a chance to make they own decision. And also considering their needs and Interests. It depends on the person you are going to teach. Self-check 1. Interest 2. Integration 3. Articulation 4. Sequence 5. Balance Module II – Lesson 3 (Answer) 1 . Statement 1 – Yes, because teacher Is depends on the subject and focus only In the subject. So students Just follow what the teacher discusses. Statement 2 ” No, when we say child-centered approach, child is the center of the educational process. It means that the curriculum is constructed based on the needs, interest, purposes and abilities of the learners. Self-check 1. Learner-centered Approach 2. Learner-centered Approach 3. Problem-centered Approach 4. Subject-centered Approach 5. Learner-centered Approach 6. Subject-centered Approach 7. Subject-centered Approach 8. Subject-centered Approach 9.

Learner-centered Approach 10. Learner-centered Approach Module IV – Lesson 2 (Answer) 1 . What is your concept about criteria and criteria for curriculum assessment? A criterion is a reference point against which other things can be evaluated. Criteria are set standards to be followed in assessment. Specifically, as they apply to curriculum, criteria are set of standards upon which the different elements of the curriculum are being tested. 2. What do you mean by your concept on criteria?

The criteria will determine the different levels of competencies or proficiency of acceptable task performance. 1 . Assessment strategies are the structures through which student knowledge and skills are assessed. 2. This is the evaluation of performance of the student. Module IV – Lesson 4 (Answer) 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes Yes 5. Yes Module V – Lesson 1 (Answer) 1. I will give myself time to study what I’m going to teach. I will study how to use computer so that I would still be a best teacher in school. 2.

I would recommend her some seminars for technology to easily cope up and adjust in her teaching environment. 3. As future teacher, I need to be flexible. I will not be dependable on the things around us. I will let my own learn by other trends in school. 1. 2002 Basic Education Curriculum Module V – Lesson 2 (Answer) 1 . As modern educator, we need to know the trends in teaching. Don’t base on the “good old” days and stick to what the other teachers did which are not anymore compatible with the learners.

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