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Choose A Topic That You

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 30, 2017
Words: 229
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Choose A Topic That You

Choose a topic that you will create a development opportunity around. For example: a procedure that you need team members to follow a piece of information that you have to convey a skill that a team member needs to use The topic does not have to be work based. For instance, you might choose a topic from the news or choose a topic that you have a particular interest in. Complete these steps: 1 .

Define the goal of the learning opportunity by completing this statement (use lets if there is more than one goal): At the end of this learning opportunity participants will… 2. Describe the content of what you will cover. 3. Describe the learners (egg age, experience, education level, industry they work In). 4. Describe the methodology, activity or development opportunity that you will use (egg one-on-one training). Explain why you have chosen that methodology, activity or development opportunity. . Create an example of some materials that will support he participant’s learning (egg a Powering presentation, a checklist, a worksheet). The materials should be word processed or make use of technology where possible. There is no definitive response for this activity; however, the participant responses should Indicate an understanding of appropriateness of delivery methods to content and learner. The support materials should actually be produced and should be a useful tool to lad learning.

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