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Alternative education

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 18, 2017
Words: 390
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Alternative education

But, it’s true, it’s hard to focus in school, but It can focus more In home schooled because it’s nice and comfortable being a home schooled I never thought of myself being a home schooled student but I am proud of myself and other students. Many home school is more effective than public high school is Because It is true, why because most people couldn’t study their academy. Why is because it’s kind of hard for them because those Who are single mom as a student they can focus at home schooling It’s better than personally.

Because they can be more focus on their studying academics succeed. I know it’s hard times that you are studying home schooling is because many people think a home schooled is a scam, but it’s quite not true is because if you does a lot Of research of a homecomings listed on those are fake colleges and High school diploma they will list all those names for you if you go and click on the website it say listed those are fake colleges and high school online and they will tell you not to go too.

I think many student Vs. high school and colleges Is to see how the student react to the other. Many home schooling does effectively by another student and adults Is because They can spend more time on being home by themselves watching children at Home Instead of hiring another nanny or send them to the day care center because you Have to pay out a lot of money of your own .

Why is because first of you have a Job and you have to run off to school in personally and It’s kind of hard being yourself ND you’re the only one working and some mom doesn’t work at all and try to baby sit and some of the husband don’t give you enough money and the mother have to go hard work for the parent the only way to become a home schooling you want to try harder and harder, yes you can but you can’t let anyone put you down on yourself you have to push yourself harder so you AL make a lot of money than other people does .

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