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Academic degree

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 26, 2017
Type of paper: EducationSociety
Words: 776
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Academic degree

After graduating high school, you have to have chosen some carrier to make or keep studying. As I’m international student, I had to keep studying Immediately after high school, or military service was expecting me. In my country military service Is required and if have graduated from high school, and don t study anywhere, you have to go to and serve for your country. That’s why I chose to go to university after high school. I could postpone that, and continue after a year and a half, because military takes that long. I thought that if I go to military and come back.

I ‘II forget a gig percentage of my education, without any repeating, so it was not good idea to serve after high school. And If you serve before university It Is going to be a year and a half, If you serve after bachelor degree It will be a year. Now my government changed some rules, as after graduating university you have to immediately go to military service, without waiting for graduate degree. But unlike students in my country, I study here, and get permission to complete my education. I intend to get graduate degree too after bachelor.

After I graduated from high school, I entered to he university. The education system is different from USA In my country. The university I entered Is called Azerbaijan State Economical university, and the best university in Economics. My major was International Economic Relationship. I m sophomore there, and took some time from the university, because I study here, and I’m here, so I don go to school in back home anymore, but I can continue it whenever I want. And now, I have two majors, which are so different from each other. First one is Economics, second one is Industrial supervision.

It has benefits to have two efferent majors, while I graduate from the university here, I will have a change to graduate In back home too, and I will have two different types of education, and diploma. I love geography, and the reason I entered to the Economic University is my grades from geography was extremely high. Economic university teaches economical relationships, between countries (my major), companies, factories, etc… We learn how to negotiate, how to act, talk, while doing business, the main point is how to talk and make the negotiation. My second but main major Is Industrial Supervision, which Is at SSI.

I picked this major, because It’s mixed business and engineering. In the beginning of the semester I was thinking about different major, first business, then medicine, then engineering. I was really undecided. But then I heard about this major from my friend and thought that it is what I was looking for. I really like supervising something, somebody, and I can say I ‘m good at it. I’ve recognized that I’m active learner, I like being in the lab classes, learning new things, and watching how they happen, but If I need to take notes, I cannot make It. I Like facts and solving problems by settled methods.

I think If I graduate from these two majors, Ill have bright life with good salary, and will own my business. My expectations are being a good supervisor, and I might work for my country’ s embassy in USA, or different country in Europe. Because, l’ II have two diplomas from different universities, and one is going to be a supervising, and another is making economical relations, so I might be useful, and I would like work for my embassy, or in USA embassy in Azerbaijan. The future Is something that, It Is really hard to say, or to make sure that word that they will be true. They might Just stay as dreams.

Once you reach to your dreams, you wish more, and more, it makes you to keep, trying, and trying, and if you have a goal, it makes you to move. Finally, life is too complicated, that you are not able to say what is going to happen a month after. You might guess, or say something that you do regularly, but life is consist of a lot of surprises, different things can happen, and you never know. Just you have to believe yourself, risk something in the life, if you risk you earn. Never risk your own life. Because nothing deserver that, but risk makes you earn twice, three times more. And without risks it is hard to move forward.

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