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Why I choose oil and gas accounting

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 1, 2017
Type of paper: Business EssaysEconomics
Words: 512
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Why I choose oil and gas accounting

Why I choose oil and gas accounting BY Obtainable Why I choose oil and gas accounting? Isn’t it interesting in some cases that no matter which path you walk through, no matter how many twist or turns u tack you always end up in the same place? To me I am always happy with number , that no matter which formula, fraction or pattern you use the answer will remain the same. That no matter what, 2 and 2 stubbornly makes 4. So why not take accounting where not only do I have to pay attention to detail but I an be given a challenge to solve.

In the Information session for oil and gas It was said that an accountant gives the “go signal” for the OLL and gas to be produce, so Isn’t that a reason enough why an accountant Is Important. Did you ever wondered what It’s like to live In a life where there Is no electricity for 24 hours a day? Or If the gas will ever come back so you can cook some food for the family? I have lived a part of my life where I know what It’s Like to live without electricity or gas.

For me to find OLL ND gas fascinating( or you can say Important enough to not live without!! ) Is because I have lived In a country where I had to go through the day without a fan or an alarm conditioner for only 22 hours on the hottest day or where food is cooked faster on a campfire. To me oil and gas has a profound impact on the world civilization. It has become a very decisive element in the defining of politics, rhetoric and diplomacy of the states. It not only affect the people but it also play a huge in the destiny of the action.

The march of progress of progress would be unbearable if the world is deprived of oil and gas. (and I should know!! ) our current world population and our relatively luxurious way of life are completely dependent on oil and gas. Any single resource of oil and gas is a recorded history. Oil and gas is so intertwine in our lives that it is hard to see what the future will unfold. Oil and gas is in the production of computers, mobiles, plastics and clothes.

In the search to find something more about he future of oil and gas I came about a quote which I believe is appropriate because it certainly relative today, “if you can’t forecast accurately, then forecast often” because it not only affect our views of the future but our understanding of the present. To me I want to take oil and gas accounting because it is a course that will not only bring me into the middle of everything but it will give me a chance to see what the future will hold for it whether we will float or whether we will sink.

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