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The Effects The Fast Food Industru Has had on Are society.

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 5, 2018
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The Effects The Fast Food Industru Has had on Are society.

In the book, “Fast Food Nation” Eric Closer, gives abundance on Information about the Dark- side of an all American Meal. Scholar views the fast food industry from a Functionalist perspective and In some points and conflict perspective also. I chose both because the functionalist had a lot to do with the way these Corporations should operate. The employee’s don’t feel Like there being treated equal. Closer gives details on how The Fast Food industry embodies the best and the worst of American capitalist of the 21st century. I will analyze this discussion from a conflict perspective.

His view points are similar as sociologists Marx and Weber. I happen to agree with him totally on his point of views. I will be discussing Stratification in the work environment. How Fast Food has changed is nation Health to high risk factors. There were tremendous number issues to deal with the social Inequality based on Ethnicity in this book. McDonald’s being the number one franchising business has a problem with giving there employers reasonable wages. The Income that there employees receive Is very low. These are the lower class working people who can barely make ends meet.

These Jobs were basically designed for Teenagers who still live at home with parents, low skilled workers. The Fast food Industry also targets type of environment and poor background they come from that they are willing to do any thing and take anything. They receive few benefits from working these Jobs. The only thing they offer is free food in most restaurants. These employees work very long hours every day. Sometimes they barely make two hundred dollars. Sometimes they don’t even make the two hundred. They learn few skills and a lot of them will float from Job to Job.

From a conflict point of view these major Fast Food corporations don’t care about there employees self being in a since. There is no real employee training so there is no real learning of any high tech skills. The computer does all the work for them. In most McDonald’s you don’t have to speak English as long as you can clean a bathroom are make a Big-Mac. These big corporations don’t care about there employees. The Fast Food industries would rather use “Zero training”. These employees come to o feel out an application thinking there about to make a change in there life.

In reality there making the biggest mistake in there life. These Fast food Industries all have the same thing in common when it comes to labor issues. I’m glade Closer got to see it from the inside all the dirty mind people we have in this country. This not so free of a country if I can’t have or try to organize unions in order to get heard. The McDonald Corporation always put a stop to that no Mac Union. The Company would send in a bunch of managers and corporate executives as soon as they suspected some one union. The Fast Food Industry has so much power that the feel that it is k to walk over there employees.

There is no real labor negotiation going on. There not trying to pay there employees any more then they have to. There system of stratification in the Fast Food Industry needs to change. The Nations Health has taken a big down fall over the past three decades. The Fast Food Industry has put a toll on society health. We are The Fast Foods Americanization of the World. It’s like a fashion trendy you got have it. In till you look at the scale to see you put on some extra pounds. Are you visiting the doctor and he or she tells you your cholesterol is up.

There has been an increase of activity among society. We as a society have gotten use to Jumping in the car to do everything instead of walking. We base are entertainment around Fast Food, Sitting around playing video games while munching on a pizza that was delivered to my house. The United States has the highest obesity rate. The rate of obesity among American adults is twice as high then it was in the sass’s. For children it is twice as high then it was in the sass’s. Obesity is now second only to smoking as a cause of mortality in the United States.

These Fast Food Industries are killing us with there rower to run millions of commercials an Ads talking about nothing but hamburgers and French fries. The growth of the fast food industry has families eat outside there home they are in taking more calories. When conserver offer a lean meal to there clients they have a low success rate. So they will remove it instead of keeping it up there for those who do like it. I once again Closer points out how The Fast Food Industry such as McDonald’s has invaded totally brained washed society. The Golden Arches are what families now see as there kitchen.

They rather order take out then fix a well balance meal. You have to trust not only the Food but the person behind the counter making it. Rarely are all ware gloves or hairnets when fixing foods. When preparing these quick orders. So you are not only risking your health your risking other serious safety issues. Society has become very spoiled, you don’t have to get out your car for anything’s theses days. There has been a big impact on how we feed are family. McDonald’s kids best friend. This is a problem these catching gimmicks that attract the customer. That toy that the kids must have is always in the kid’s meal.

These cheap meals hat you purchase have been heated up in cosec or less to serve you and your family. They care more about maximizing profits then the do about people health are well being. There are too many people having more heart attacks and high blood Pressure. This has a lot to do with the daily consumption of greasy Fast Foods. What we eat has changed the way are society has grown. Scholar gives example on how we as a Nation spend more money on Fast food then we spend on are child’s education, its going to go from one generation to the next generation. There were a lot of abuse and Control issues when it came to the

Work guidelines. There is a lot of discrimination among these certain ethnicity groups. Once skilled workers got fed up with the way the slaughter houses were being ruined. They were replaced with lower-class people most of them immigrants. The companies knew that they could offer immigrants and low skilled workers any amount of salary. Who had not gotten any adequately training that they were supposed to receive? The unsanitary environments in these slaughter houses were horrific. Working side by side hoping your neighbor doesn’t drop his or her knife. The society felt that that they could use immigrants.

Basically they were blackmailing them. Half of them were illegal so they were forced to do whatever to support there family. Society hasn’t made it easier for them to progress. The slaughter house is an example of a closed system group. There is no advancing in these slaughter houses. The slaughter houses were filled with illegal untrained and mostly unskilled immigrants, most of them young Latino Women. These women in these slaughterhouses had to deal with sexually harassment by there supervisors. There was no one they could tell, these women felt that they had to obey. They felt as if t was there only way to gain a secure place in America.

Working in a slaughter house is a real dangerous Job there were a numerous number of went on in these Slaughterhouses. The workers new that if they got hurt on the Job that they would be no good to the company. This stirred up a lot of issues with these workers. They have become stressed due to these conditions. There Job is so on demand that there has been a lot of cases of drug use, met amphetamine, it’s a drug called “crank”. This drug keeps them overcharged, and self -confident keeping them ready for anything that may happen while working on the line. The Slaughter houses were very unsanitary not following any of the OSHA guide lines.

The Health inspections were failing tremendously in factories. There working conditions were horrible and were not getting any better. The government felt that government deregulation was more important then food safety. So by the government allowing the meatpacking company’s permission to inspect their own meat is a big mistake. The government hasn’t taken the action needed to regulate these conditions in these slaughter houses. There is a great conflict with these workers and there employers. There are no rooms for laughter is conversation on these lobs, Just a lot of conflict and stress.

These workers are very hard workers and are being used and stepped on. All you her supervisors saying is Just work so they. In the book a guy name Murphy told the Congress that ” The fist commandment is that only production counts… The employee’s duty is to follow orders, Period. “Do what I tell you even if it is illegal… “Don’t get caught. This is a major changes in the way these slaughterhouses are being ran. There were rules getting broken all the time. Impacts the Fast Food industry also here was a lack of highly trained workers. These workers were mostly poor immigrants that had been working under unsanitary working conditions.

The Fast Food Industry has really had a big impact on society. There have been a lot of differences in opinions on rather of not the Fast food I industry. Fast Food has influenced are lives like or culture. There are a lot of things that happen be hind the counter in the fast food industries. There are a lot of bad things. What happens in this Generation will have effects on are younger generation. In about 10 years I don’t think there will be a need for humans in the industry cause Technology will be so well advance that it will replace the humans behind the counter.

Then what would there be left for them to do. When you have encountered a tremendous success in your life, you have the power to wipe out small business and replace them with your own Multimillion- Dollar business. Like the McDonald’s cooperation. The Fast Food industry has already won so it’s up to us to try to stop them. The Government needs to focus harder on the problems in Fast Food industries and the Slaughterhouses. This epidemic of controversy against all employees needs to get resolved. All these cutbacks in the budget cheer

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