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Chapter I for Inventory System

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 4, 2017
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Chapter I for Inventory System

Inventory is a list of goods and raw materials that is needed for the everyday production of a business which is held available in stock. Updating the records of the stocks in a business plays an important part for the organization of business functions. Manual application of transaction can bring interruption, thus, the Automated Sales and Inventory System is considered as the best solution to this problem. A business owner can franchise more than one line of franchise, has a group of franchised business which she named, R and E food station. Her business started last February 2014 and successfully opened 2 branches In 3 months.

Since then, they record their dally sales and Inventory manually by the use of record book and Microsoft excel. It starts from counting and checking their previous available stocks individually, computer for the total used stocks, record it in a record book and update the whole record in Microsoft excel. It takes a lot of time and the possibility for human errors is always present which could result to inaccurate information. The researchers aim to design and evolve computer based system that will automate the manual system that the business is currently using to provide a more reliable, accurate and fast results.

Objectives of the study The researchers aim to accomplish the following objectives: To develop a system that will lessen the time consumed for every Inventory transaction. To create a secured system that will provide restrictions to different types of users with authority. To create an Inventory system that will have automatically update the counts of products. To design a user-friendly interface pacifically, for adding, editing and retrieving of records. To create a system that generates accurate results for remaining number of stocks and computation of sales.

Statement of the problem The business is facing many problems in their current system. The researchers found the following problem regarding the manual sales and inventory system: Every instance of updating the record requires counting of all the stocks they have that results to higher requirement of time. The records are not secured it can be accessed by anyone that can result to change in values or inaccurate result. The business Is having a hard time In organizing their data or records In the computer.

Retrieving the needed data Is hard because of large amount of written records that are sometimes unrecognized. There Is less access to the latest records of Inventory, sales and franchise. Significance of the study The proposed system, “R and E Automated Sales and Inventory System”, will automate the current system manual system to reduce the time consumed for the transactions regarding the sales and inventory. It will also provide fast and efficient solutions for mounting the stocks and updating the whole set of record from the very source of data to the database that has all the information.

The information gathered will be secured by the system for the benefit of the personnel and the business itself. The system will provide organization to all the data of the inventory, in this way, retrieving of past and latest records will never be hard again. Over all, if this study is applied and effective, the business’ transactions will improve in generating results in timely manner by applying the summarized procedure in this study. Scope and limitation The restrictions of the proposed system are specified for different types of users by separating the authority in each function.

The following are the scope of the study: The owner or administrator has the authority to create or terminate the account of the personnel. The owner has the major authority in the system and the personnel have limited access in security settings. The owner and the personnel can add, edit, and update the stocks that were used and remained. The owner and the personnel can view the status of the remaining stocks as well as notifications to alert the user if he number of stocks is getting low. The owner or personnel can print the summary or reports.

All the information about the stocks will be stored in the database. The system can determine the identification of the user, the transaction he or she made and the time it was saved. The system can create new set of inventory system if the business puts up another franchise. The following are the limitations of the study: Losing of data when power interruption occurs while in the middle of encoding the data is not subject to retrieval unless it was saved. The system can only be accessed n the computer where it is installed.

The significant values in the report can never be edited by the personnel once saved. Unless the administrator approved to correct the error that occurs. Definition of terms Automated System – Inventory – Database – Microsoft Excel – Franchise – Records – Chapter Ill Methods of Research and Procedure Research designs To gather information about r and e food station, the researchers conducted several research methods about the business and the problems that are being faced while implementing the manual system. Interview The researchers conducted an interview with the owner of R and E food station, Mrs..

Teresa D. Biblical. The discussion was about the background of the business and how it started. They also questioned about how their manual system works, the basic automated sales and inventory system. After the interview, the researchers determined the problems and planned for the solutions. The researchers browsed the internet to find related articles and studies about turning a manual system into an automatic one. They also browsed the US library for former special projects to et ideas about the format of the whole document.

After gathering and creating the right information for every chapter, the whole document was organized and printed. Research Instruments The researchers used a pen and paper to take down specific points while conducting the interview. They also used a camcorder to record the interview as a proof that the interview happened and review the whole conversation. As for creating the whole document, the researchers used a laptop to browse the internet and turn the written chapters into a soft copy to be able to get printed. Questionnaire

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