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Dissertation Examples in the UK : Dissertation Proposal Writing

If you are unsure about what you would write on, talk to us, and we can find you good dissertation examples that you can look over. Let us know whether you need a full or part dissertation so we can send you examples of the dissertation. The structure of the dissertation proposal would be personalized according to your requirements. Our writers will use both the primary and secondary research methods to help you select the best dissertation topic and sources. Here is a basic format of how a dissertation paper is written by professional writers.



Every great dissertation proposal should have an example of a compelling introduction. The introduction tells the reader exactly what the paper is about and gives them the necessary information that the paper would cover. Here the reader understands why the topic is important to you and why it should matter to everyone.


Literature reviews

Here is where you insert all your references. The literature review is a crucial chapter for all dissertation. It helps form the paper. You will review all the existing papers, journals, books and websites about the subjects. Ensure that you identify the key themes that occur and ascertain a gap in the examination that already exists.
For your literature review to be stronger, it should have a ton of relevant and high-quality sources and qualified examples. For our dissertation writing service UK, we recommend that you send us a list of recommended readings, any suggestions and examples you will have for the writer. This will ensure that your order goes smoothly and is done correctly.



This chapter discussed the plans for your research paper. You can easily see this on the dissertation samples. It is one of the thickest chapters and the toughest to complete. It is essential that this chapter stands out if you are going to achieve a high mark by providing quality examples. In this chapter, you must establish what you need to find out and how you are going to conduct your study. It is critical that you choose between primary and secondary research. From there, you can choose the type of research you will carry out. From analyzing to questionnaires, the results should be statistical and should review the already existing sources before concluding. Our samples of the dissertation proposal will help you have a clear idea of what examples and facts are needed in this chapter.


Results and analysis

Once you have chosen how you will conduct the examples in the research part of your dissertation, you have to explore and analyze the results you get. Sometimes this is two different chapters. They will cover everything you have discovered from your research. It may need you to create a complicated statistical analysis, use graphs and tabled to display your data. However, all this will depend on the discipline of study.


Discussion and conclusion

This is the last chapter of the dissertation paper. They summarize the entire paper in a great detail so you should use as many examples as you want. They also show the reader what you have learned while conducting the research. In addition, you should explore the future opportunities on developing your research even further. It also lists some of the things that went wrong during the research and the writing process.



Sometimes, you would discover that your dissertation paper is far from a traditional one, as you can see from the numerous essay examples on the internet. You may be required to cover a lot more topics and do more research and experiments. You do not have to worry about any of it. Our writers are experienced and know the numerous other things to include. They also know how to design the research methods section and would create sample questionnaires for you to use when doing field research.


Finding an excellent writing service like WritingPeak is not easy. Most services do not offer dissertation writing services because it is an intense and complicated paper to write. We have spent a great deal of time and energy finding the best staff who can give you the assistance you need as far as your dissertation is concerned. Whether you are completing undergraduate or graduate degrees, you would benefit greatly.

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