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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 22, 2017
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Westernmost Arts Centre, West Building, Hallstead and New Close at breaks and lunchtimes; the Cricket Pavilion area; the Sports Hall area( we can use the tennis courts with permission) ; walls, hedges, tennis netting and fences; the car park in front of school; the path between Hallstead and the turning circle; huts and storage areas. 10th field is very special and needs a lot of care.

We’ll only play on it when the green flag is flying on the pavilion or else it’s too muddy and we damage it as well as bring lots of mud into school. We won’t play ball games on the cricket square or other grassed areas unless we’re with a member of staff. Ewe won’t take the short cut over he wall by the tennis courts at any time as this damages the wall and causes damage to the property on the other side. Ewe won’t go near other people’s property surrounding school e. G. The bowling green. Ewe will never drop litter. There are lots of bins and we’ll always use them.

Sometimes a member of staff will ask us to help pick some litter up and we always will without grumbling, even if we haven’t dropped it. Ewe will only eat in the picnic areas outside and never on the field as this is used for lessons by the PEE department… And all of us of course! That the end of the day we’ll help the cleaners y putting litter in bins, closing windows and putting chairs up if our teachers ask us to. Off we cause any damage we must report it to the school office immediately so that it can be repaired quickly and the area made safe if it needs to be.

We will probably have to help pay for the repair but a lot will depend on how the damage happened and how quickly we reported it. That lunch time we need to really think about looking after our environment. On fine room as a privilege but we need to look after them e. G. By not sitting on the desks or making the room untidy for afternoon lessons. Our gardens are really lovely places, cooked after by fellow pupils and staff and we can use them to relax in but we mustn’t do anything to damage them or make them messy.

Thinking of others less fortunate than ourselves Ewe will support our charity events whenever we can and be helpful and cooperative when it’s an Active Citizenship day. Ewe will remember that not everyone in our own community feels well or safe all the time and we’ll take care to make everyone around us safe and comfortable because we Just don’t know what problems other people might be having. Ewe will be sensitive to themes in assemblies and lessons and try our best to understand the needs of others at all times, not Just here in school but everywhere.

Becoming a global citizen Ewe will respect all cultures and we will never do or say anything to criticism, insult or undermine individuals or groups from other cultures. Ewe will never get involved in any form of racial harassment. Ewe will do our best to develop our language learning skills as a commitment to becoming a global citizen. Ewe will respect local customs and cultures whenever we are on trips or visits and we will make people from other places or cultures feel welcome and valued when they come into school.

Understanding that life is about more than money or material things Ewe will never sell goods to other pupils or trade with other pupils either in school or on the way to and from school. We will learn properly about enterprise as part of our lessons in school and also through getting involved in fund raising. Ewe will not use shopping bags or designer items in school as this is very undermining of this value. Respecting traditions and the past Ewe will be respectful towards all the special things in and out of school that remind us of the school’s long history and the contribution people have made to their immunities since 1591.

We will behave well and Join in the services in church, we will make respectful acts of remembrance for those who gave their lives in wars and we will always be courteous to people who offer to share their stories with us. Ewe will remember that we too are part of the history of this school and will be remembered in its archives for future generations and know that by upholding the school values to the best of our ability we are paving the way for all those Describe how to uphold the schools aims and values in your own Job role at your school

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