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The Car Man Essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 28, 2017
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The Car Man Essay

The Car Man “The Car Man”, the dance drama by Mathew Bourne that takes place In a small town during the sass’s In a car garage and a Diner. The car garage and the Diner are owned by the character named Odin thus the name Dingo’s Garage and Diner. Some of the Characters that are introduce are: Odin the owner, Lana Dingo’s wife, Rata Lanai’s sister, Angelo, Rite’s Boyfriend, and Lucas the drifter that enter in a passionate affair with Lana and a misguided one with Angelo. Some of the attire of the characters is that of greaser style of the middle sass’s or late ass’s, due on the Denim Jeans and white shirts, also unbutton square style shirts.

The female characters wore fitted colorful dress on the hip and loose like an umbrella at the bottom. The dance routines are that of a silent story drama, yet modern struggles of acceptance, betrayal, lust, and love. All of these entangle the history of The Car Man, a story so powerful with a Shakespearean ending with the main character death. The lighting of the stage changes dramatically from a bright sunny day, to a dark mysterious glow of night. Also the lighting played a big role In the scene with Lana and Lucas affair; the sighting gave the audience the passionate lust of betrayal between the two characters.

The dance chemistry that stands the most in the dance was that of Lucas the drifter, and Lana Dingo’s wife, it was a passionate yet flirtatious encounter. Lana is a flirtatious woman with all the man in the garage, by caressing their face or body, and given them flirtatious looks. Lanai’s body movements leaves everything to the imagination, her uncover legs while she lays on the table like a damsel in distress depicts a sensual movement towards Lucas, but Lucas doesn’t seem Interested. Lana entities with her sensual movements causing the other man In the garage to notice her, and they feel the attraction she is given them.

Lana like the attention and the way the men look at her, with their vicious lusty eyes, like a hunter looks at a prey. In the other hand Lucas tough guy interested look, but not showing that he is attracted to Lana makes Lana more interested in him. There chemistry and lust takes them into a world of their own, once Odin Leaves for an errand In his car, the affair and lust between Luck and Lana Intensifies. Lucas Is now the dominant alpha male walking awards Lana while she Is preparing flour on the table near the diner.

Lucas grabs her with passion, but Lana pushes him away, given us the viewer a sense of wrongdoing, but she like the attention and she feels the lust she has for Lucas. Another scene that caught my attention was that of Lucas and Angelo. Angelo is one of those outsiders and weak man, being push around by everyone, even his boss Odin. Even though Angelo Is weak he has that look of a nice, gentle man. Rata Likes how Angelo Is as man, and we can see that she loves him deeply, because of the way heir chemistry is felt.

One of the scene that we see this love is when Angelo is push around by the other mechanics, he then sits down alone in a dark dim light on the middle of the stage. His facial expression feels cheerless and humiliated, also his hands on his laps, makes him feel isolated from the world. Rata tries to ask what’s wrong with him, but he refuses to tell her, Rata starts dancing to sheer him up and tell him that everything Is going to be k, and not to worry. Rata does a spiral with a tutu; she does a stretch movement of her body to her feet abruptly.

A routine that the love between the two characters is felt is when Rata extends her arm to Angelo, the two characters star dancing in unison with leaps and Jumps, while at the end the focus ends at each other eyes and arms. In conclusion the play gave the audience and me a sense of love, lust and betrayal. The Car Man is a story with distinctive tragedies and twisted dramatic scenes. At the beginning of the play when Lucas enters the Diner and Lana gaze at him with lust eyes, the audience saw a sense of betrayal towards Odin.

The scene with Angelo and Lucas was not expected by the audience, because Lucas gave the audience a sense of a macho men attitude, but not of a bisexual man. The end also was unexpected when Lana kills Luck, this scene it can be interpret as a Lust transforming in disappointment and tragedy. Overall is a well-made silent play that can be distinguished as the Play “Carmen”, and “Grease”. The play incorporated many types of modern dance, like ballet, and opera, which the audience can have a view of dance variety without keeping their eyes from the story being portrayed.

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