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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 10, 2017
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However one option for accommodation that has been growing significantly in its popularity is Homestead, an option that the Australian Senate stated was a useful solution to address the general housing shortage being experienced in Australia. Homestead can appear to be the perfect answer to accommodating yourself but it is also very different to other types of accommodation and needs serious thought before you go looking for a suitable Homestead.

Most Homesteads unique feature Is your child becomes “one of the family” which offers a series of good benefits. Your host family can offer support and help, Independent of the school/multiversity; this can be beneficial as students may refrain from getting help from their Institution. The family will also be able to give a lot more attention and time towards supporting the student because of the exclusivity homesteads include, something that schools and universities do not have.

The “family” ethos that homesteads support also provides a safer environment for your child, one where the host family care’s for and looks out for the student in ways a school/ university cannot; making sure they know the whereabouts of the student and accompanying them in their free time outside of school and home. The good Homesteads are a fantastic way of living in Australia; you will learn English faster and make friends for life, however finding the good homesteads is a big task.

Australian culture is wholly deferent to Chinese culture and adjusting to their culture as a student will be difficult, you need to find a family who will be sensitive to the culture change you will be going through to help you through It and not to expect you to adjust Immediately. Another problem to look out for with your host family Is their lees and regulations that they enforce on the new student: some may not allow the freedom you may like, some may not allow friends to visit, some may have a curfew, some may have rules regarding kitchen use or washing machine use.

In addition as it’s someone’s home you are usually required to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of their home; cleaning up after yourself. Moreover any changes you may want to make to your living space will have to be permitted by your host family. Probably the biggest possible problem by far though is if you simply do not like your host family. Having to live with people you do not like being around will be a very unpleasant experience.

Then If It becomes such an issue that you decide to leave you may lose money but you will also have to go through the stressful process of finding accommodation all over again. Indeed some host females do not uphold the mall principal of Homesteads and Instead of being a warm Inviting family they regard themselves as a business and not caring too much for the student. Problems that do institution the Homestead was found with, who usually have a process to handle these tuitions. The solution to most of the problems associated with homesteads is to find and make sure you have a good family before you go to Australia.

There are many websites and agency that provide this assistance and give you a host family but not all are good and care needs to be taken when using one. Most Institutions though, be it secondary school, university or college will keep a list of approved homesteads. Homesteads are not business’ so the formality of the agreement need to be confirmed before you enter Australia. Formality including the payment, is there a opposite, when do you pay for your accommodation, the details of using the phone.

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