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Ops Week

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 10, 2017
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Ops Week

The act of mapping a process out In flow chart format helps you clarify your understanding of the process, and helps you think about where the process can be improved” (Mind Tools, n. D. )”. The following factors could affect on how much time I will spend on this daily routine In the morning: 1. Did I prepare the lunch the night before? 2. Did I prepare the kids bag the night before? 3. Did I choose my outfit the night before? The following steps will be the steps I do every morning in order to get ready for work: 1 .

Alarm goes off . Hit the off button 3. Take a shower 4. Brush teeth 5. Get dress 6. Is my outfit ready from the night before or do I have to think what to wear? Shoes, which ones will match my outfit? 7. Pick up accessories If I didn’t pick them the night before. 8. Hair – did I flat iron my hair the night before and needs a touch up or I am wearing it curly? 9. Make breakfast 10. Lunch – Did I prepare it the night before or do I have to spend time doing that In the morning? 11. Kids bag – Is It ready or needs to be put together? 12.

Place inch, kids bag and purse on the car and move It close to the building. 13. Change the bays diaper. 1 OFF 15. Put the kids in the car and drop them off 16. Off to work Several factors can affect my daily routine of getting ready for work. Metric system that we could use to measure these tasks is time. We can break the steps/tasks and see how much time is spend on each one of them and how by modifying them we could save some time. If too much time is spent on one task it will cause a chain reaction with a final result of being late for work.

Next we will see the steps on the flowchart diagram (next page). Conclusion As we seen on the flowchart process diagram different decisions could make a huge impact on how much time you spend on each task in order to complete the process. Learning the hard way it has been agreed that by getting some of the task completed on the night before helps to save a great deal of time in the morning. Organization and preparation are also key factors in the success of the completion of this daily process.

Just like this simple process they are other process in the business world hat professionals sometimes have to sit down and break it down in order to find the flaws and fix them. Flowchart Diagram – Getting ready for work Move the car and get the kids ready – drop them off. Off to work Yes – Keeps me in time No – Spending more time on this task Kids bag – Is it ready? Getting ready for work Fast – Lunch – Did I pack my lunch the night before? Do Hair Yes – save time No – Spending more time on getting dress Outfit is ready or not Get Dress Brush Teeth Turning Alarm off

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