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Typical Patterns of Narrative Development in Community

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 16, 2017
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Typical Patterns of Narrative Development in Community

Please analyze comparatively the typical patterns of narrative development In Community and Parks and Recreation, using specific episodes of your choice from both shows to illustrate your point. In both of these shows narrative development Is used to construct the plot or develop and event or a relationship between characters. In both Parks and Recreation and Co unmanly the mall characters relationship to each other and their responses to things around them help further the plot of the story.

In the episode of Parks when Leslie does not receive the Woman’s Award but Ron doe Leslie uses Narrative Development in her response to the incident. Ron also uses it in the way that you can tell that he is trying to mess with her mind. In Community when Brigit is praised for turning down Jeff, Jeff uses Narrative Develop moment to get his popularity back by putting Brigit in a situation where she will either turn him down and lose her popularity or be with him and lose her popularity. This deepens the plot. B.

Offer a brief freestyle analytical essay on a particular episode of your choice room the first seasons of The Wire OR House of Cards, rooting your reflection in the various stylistic and narrative considerations evoked in class. Do not hesitate to touch on any or every formal aspect as you wish?plot, narrative structure and techniques, visual style, miss en scene, acting, editing, tone and atmosphere, etc. The very first episode of House of Cards to me has every aspect that we talked about In class. This episode brilliantly shows the Intensity that will follow In every subsequent episode.

The plot of this story Is Impeccably laid out In the first episode. The beginning opens with the party of the president and Frank describing his role and everyone’s role and his real motive for helping Like he did. The cut to the Washington Post and showing the grittiness of journalism will later help develop the love affair with Zoe and Frank. The darkness surrounding all of this show shows the negative tone of the show. Fran KS house always is dark much like his own intentions. The atmosphere is very eerie.

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