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Taramack Log Sheet

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 30, 2017
Words: 321
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Taramack Log Sheet

How much time was spent In relationship-focused talk or “schmoozing”? Approximately 20 minutes or 3 e-mails. 2 Were any pre-procedure guidelines set? No guidelines were set. 3 Which team presented the problem to be negotiated? Twin Lakes. I expressed to Barons my concern about governmental regulations, finances, and taxation. 4 Which team was first to make the opening statement.

Briton made the opening statement. She stated what she wanted which was for Twin Lakes to pave the dirt roads and maintain them in exchange for company tax cuts. 5 How far apart were the opening offers? They were relatively close. We both saw the common problems, but both wanted to be mutually beneficial to each other. 6 How many concessions were made by each side? I made 3 concessions and Briton made 2. 7 What was the average size of concessions? Significant.

Location of the new mine, how to tidy up consumed mines, and reposition to open the ore mine were all considered. 8 How many Items were categorized? Over 10 provisional Items. 9 How many categories were used? 4 categories. 10 What was the total length of time of the complete negotiation process? 15 e- emails. Bargaining process? 75-90% 12 What were the RESULTS of the agreement reached or why one Walk Away? Tamarack needed to step up to the plate and help resolve the issue.

We decided to help develop many of the desired paved roads that are now used to help develop escort or tourist areas, continue with operations and expansions in the area, support the city by providing Jobs and maintenances, and comply with environmental regulations. As a result, Tamarack cut our taxes by over 20% and we remained in the city, continuing to grow and support the largest workforce in the city. 13 Was your TARGET achieved? Yes or No Yes 14 If yes, how much more was obtained? I gained an additional 10% on tax decreases than the initial offering.

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