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Personal life

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 5, 2017
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Personal life

Some people find negotiating exciting, others find it stressful. How do you feel in situation when you have to negotiate? Give examples of situations in which you have felt this way? As I know, negotiating is a way for business and for many other purposes. If I was In the situation I think that I would felt very excited and stressful together. Actually I think I also have some negotiation scenario in my life. First I have an argument with my parent about my time management, about my homework and how I use my free time. At first we talk about the problem.

I was quite stressful and scare that something will affect my time and how I work every daily life. Because I know that if we have a talk all of my time will be affected and I have to follow that set schedule for a long time. And also I was very exciting because I think that my parent will I give me the ability to manage my time by myself because I am a grown up teen now, so I don’t need my parent to guild me anymore. So the negotiation was quite stressful but everything went k and as I want It to be. 2/ Now that you have complete this section on negotiation, do you think that you will change your way of approaching conflict?

Why or Why not? After finishing the negotiation section, I think that the way I think about negotiation will be totally different and the method will be more and a lot more. Now I understand that negotiation also have many method like approaching and do the research about the situation. Negotiation section provides me a huge back ground how I can understand and use them for the future negotiation if I am doing for a business and about to negotiate with somebody. The negotiation section change me In many way. Provide me negotiation methods and the way how to use them effectively.

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