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Perri Klass

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 3, 2017
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Perri Klass

Most people wouldn’t have any idea that the person had ordered two scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast, but that is the beauty of Jargon. Jargon is everywhere. Peers Class describes her experiences with jargon in the medical field with her essay, “She’s Your Basic LOL in AND. ” In this essay she describes her feelings, both negative and positive, towards Jargon and how it had become her “new language” (105).

There are many consequences that can come from using Jargon in a professional setting, such s enhancing teamwork, building professional and emotional distances. And creating an efficient workplace. The first consequence that can occur from the use of jargon in a professional setting is its ability to enhance teamwork. Class, when referring to jargon in a medical setting, writes, “These special languages contribute to a sense of closeness and professional spirit among people who are under a great deal of stress. When working In most professions teamwork is an essential part of being successful. Jargon can contribute to teamwork by providing an Individualized engage that was built directly for a specific profession, giving coworkers a way to communicate solely based on their knowledge of their work. With these, as Class describes them, “special languages” (104) there is a unique connection that can be made between a team of employees.

A second consequence of using jargon in a professional setting is its capability to contribute to building a professional and emotional distance between the employee and the patient, client, or customer. In some professions, especially In the medical business, It’s very Important to create this stance. Becoming emotionally attached can persuade a person’s Judgment and cause them to make a decision based off feelings and not professionalism.

Jargon can help build the necessary distance by giving the employee a way to speak without providing the patient, client, or customer knowledge that could add unnecessary stress to both of them. Class acknowledges the need for this distance when she says, “By reformulating a patient’s pain and problems Into a language that the patient doesn’t even speak, I suppose we are In some sense taking those pains and problems ender our jurisdiction and also reducing their emotional impact. With the employee having the ability to informing communicate with their coworker in the presence of the patron, without them gaining knowledge from the conversation, by using Jargon it provides them with the ability to build a professional relationship and keep an emotional distance. The third consequence that can result from using jargon in a professional setting is Its effectiveness in creating an overall efficient workplace. Jargon, as mentioned before, Is usually understood exclusively between colleagues ND because of this it can help to eliminate any outside questions.

This elimination can promote quickness and decrease unnecessary stress on a patient, client or customer. Also, efficiency can occur by the enthusiasm and determination of employees to learn the Jargon. Class emphasizes her excitement when she admits, “At times it thrills me to hear myself using it. ” That thrill is what can motivate the diner listening to the waitress yell Jargon after Jargon to the cook and other servers, thinking, “How in the world could they possibly remember what they all mean?

In Peers Class’ essay, “She’s Your Basic LOL in AND,” she answers my question when she says, “… To use it properly you must absorb not only the vocabulary but also the structure, the logic, the attitudes,” (105) and, “… With time and increased fluency you stop being aware of them at all” (105). In a professional workplace Jargon becomes what is thought and spoken and because of this many beneficial consequences, like its enhancement in teamwork, construction of professional and emotional distances, and an increase in efficiency, can contribute to the success of any company.

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