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Different factors that influence commun

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: December 26, 2017
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Different factors that influence commun

The first factor is visual difficulties, the spectrum for this type of sensory deprivation is very large because it can range room having slight difficulty, being short sighted or long sighted to being completely blind. The effect it has depends on the person, visual difficulties can occur either from birth, be genetically inherited or Just be brought on through age. Regardless of this a person with a visual Impairment when communicating may feel Isolated and missing. It could also prove very frustrating for the individual however there are many ways in which this difficulty can be overcome.

To begin with there is basically being a human and using common sense when it comes to the person. Due to everyone being different you would need to know what specific problems the service user has, whether their sight is better in one eye than the other and working on that to make it as comfortable as possible. This would mean using body language and gesturing to the individual when you speak to them and spending time with the person so they recognize your voice and allowing them to touch your face.

Changing the room you are in could also help, if necessary then changing the lights in the room to suit them or if the room is small or has a lot of furniture then adjusting the room o make a clear path. Another thing to consider with someone who is visually impaired is other ways of communicating and different aids. Some people prefer to use nothing at all, there are glasses available on the INS to the majority of people and there is also the opportunity of learning Braille.

Braille is a form of communicating for people with severe visual problems and consists of raised dots so you can trace your fingers over it and it is similar to reading. The most important thing is not assuming that Just because they are considered visually impaired that hey cannot see at all. Along the same lines of sensory deprivation there is hearing difficulties, again this can range and vary on the person as there are temporary hearing loss, minor hearing problems, deafness on one side or complete deafness.

Hearing difficulties can be frustrating for the individual especially as it is not an obvious problem until the person is spoken to; which by this point they have missed what you have said. A person living with a hearing impairment can feel very isolated and may sometimes feel like they aren’t included if for example there are a lot of people talking and they cannot hear anything being said. Ways to overcome hearing impairments are through generally body language, you would need to ensure you sit in front of the person so if they need to lip read they can.

Talk slowly and clearly also if they are lip reading or if they have a little bit of hearing left then that would help. Also If the environment proves to be a problem when someone is struggling to hear it may be appropriate to move to a quieter room. Hearing difficulties are more and more common today and there are constantly new methods being brought out to nutrient towards communicating effectively. There is the hearing aid which is a small electronic device which hooks on to a person’s outer ear and is used to help amplify sounds but block out background noise to provide clear hearing.

This is not the most popular method with hearing deprivation especially with young people because it can be considered unattractive or not cool. This is something that has been targeted though and smaller, colorful and less noticeable hearing aids have been created however these may need to be bought privately as the INS only tend to fund basic hearing aids. Although hearing aids are a great creation it is important as a health care professional to ensure the person is wearing it and that it actually works. Another method of communicating is sign language or Megaton.

Sign language can be learnt by anyone who wishes to and is a great skill to have; it consists of a series of signs and gestures using the hands to spell letters and words. Megaton is very similar but slightly different because it is based more towards simpler form and the use of colors and pictures are also used. Next there is the factor of language differences. A difference in language can be an instant barrier between people trying to communicate and can lead to the individual completely misunderstanding what you are trying to say and vice versa.

When working in the care setting you will come across people who do speak different languages and although you are not expected to understand them, you must do your best to be patient and reassuring. The ways to overcome language differences can vary based on the person’s preferences but naturally a person can use gestures and pictures to show what they’re trying to say. To communicate with someone who speaks a efferent language you would also need to speak slower and clearer, possibly asking them to repeat what you have said to ensure they understand and using only very basic simple language.

The only other thing available when there is a language difference but is not always accessible is the opportunity of a translator who would act by translating what you say in to another language. However, a translator is not always available or may not be affordable so it is not always an opportunity. Problems with the environment is a very wide factor as there are many things that could influence communication. This can range from the room you are in, the noise levels, the social setting and even the way the room is decorated.

It is important when communicating that you are in an environment that is comfortable and relaxed or it could act as a barrier. If the environment proves to be a problem when communicating then there are various ways in which you can overcome it. The first thing would be to make sure the room is quiet and you are able to hear one another using a normal tone of voice. Making sure the room has plenty of light and is nice and spacious is also important as different people have different preferences or deeds with regards to room layouts and lighting.

It would also be important to make the person feel comfortable enough to talk to you, so they do not feel under pressure when talking to you they would be more likely to open up to you. The next factor that can influence communication is emotional issues. Emotional issues can occur on many different levels and it is so important when communicating with someone who is emotional to express sensitivity and patience. People may struggle with communicating when they struggle with mental health difficulties, are going through bereavement, if they are in pain or even Just generally having a bad day.

These are just a few emotional difficulties a person may experience and there are lots more. Wap to overcome emotional issues are to Just be open minded towards the person and respect the fact they are having a difficult time at present and respect the fact they are struggling to listen to everything you say. Very often people suffering emotionally will have too much on their mind to listen so it would be good to only talk about what is important and possibly try again the next day when the person is eyeful feeling better.

It is important to be comforting and sensitive towards the person’s feelings and accept the fact you may need to repeat yourself a few times. Disabilities both physical and intellectual are very different but can have the same influence on communication. A person struggling with a physical disability e. G. They are in a wheelchair may feel intimidated or patronized when you are talking to them so making them feel as comfortable as possible is vital. Intellectual difficulties can act saying or may be able to understand you but are unsure how to respond.

To ensure a disability does not act as a negative influence on communication you would need to have good body language by sitting in front of the person and making eye contact so they are aware you are talking to them. Using gestures may also help when talking to someone with an intellectual difficulty because it can be easier to understand. You would also need to speak clearly and use simple English however you would need to have knowledge of the person to know what level you would need to simplify it to or they could take offence.

Next there is body language. Body language is one of the cost important factors when communicating because it was proven by the professor Albert Meridian that 55% of effective communication is based on body language. It is also important because often body language can tell a person what your words or face cannot as it is obvious when a person feels comfortable or uncomfortable through the way they carry themselves. To stop body language being a problem when communicating you would need to ensure you give and maintain good eye contact.

As a health care professional you would also be required to be confident in what you say, regardless of whether you actually are or not. If you are confident with your body language and use gestures and open yourself up then people are more likely to warm to you and feel comfortable in your presence therefore resulting in effective communication. Medical Jargon is a very simple but common problem when communicating in health and social care. Jargon is a term for the way people in a particular group or setting speak which is different or considered complex to others.

Medical Jargon would be often a case of abbreviating different procedures or illnesses between doctors, nurses and medical professionals but this can prove official for those who do not understand it. It can lead to the person feeling disemboweled, it could mean the individual feels distressed when there isn’t any need to out of pure misunderstanding and Just generally make them feel uncomfortable when talking to you as you are not making the effort to adjust your vocabulary.

The ways to overcome medical Jargon would be to avoid using it when and where you can especially with service users. You would need to use simpler words and language when talking to different people and have the ability to recognize that. If you were to use Jargon if it was easier to use then you would also need to clarify with the service user what you have Just said so they understand and even asking them to repeat back to you could provide better understanding.

Lack of time can prove to be a problem when working in the care environment as many care givers would love to give more time to individual service users than they are actually capable of. When working in the care environment you are very often assigned to a specific Rota and have certain duties so would need to ensure you get everything done that day. This however can impact the service user if you make it known because they may feel rushed or like they aren’t important enough.

To overcome lack of time you would need to make the individual feel as comfortable as you can for the short period you have with them. You would need to make them feel like you have all the time in the world for them, even if you only have 5 minutes. Being patient and chatty with the service user would also help to make them feel comfortable and sometimes it may be a possibility to offer to go back and see them after you have influence on communication because people from different backgrounds and ultras will interpret behavior and language differently to what you might.

This could prove to be a problem because without even realizing you may end up acting in a way that could be offensive to that person but what is considered normal in our culture. The best way to overcome cultural differences is by respecting and acknowledging the fact that people may have different beliefs to you. Having knowledge about different cultures is helpful and it is also vital you read up on the service users in your care beforehand to learn about them and avoid offending them.

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