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Developingeffective communication

How would you overcome barriers in communication and interpersonal skills? Communication Preferences If you are speaking to someone that Isn’t familiar with the language you are using, It can make it harder for them to receive and understand the message that was sent. This can easily be avoided as you or other staff can either familiarize themselves with the languages they use or using someone else’s skills to get the message across (using a translator or an interpreter). However these can be expensive and hard to find so there Is a service you can use over the phone which acts as a translator or an

Interpreter. Another way of overcoming a language barrier Is to use phones/ computers. People can easily gal. access to sites/ APS that allows them to translate your message into different languages. This can be a lot cheaper, easier and more convenient than hiring a translator/ interpreter to come in and assist. If you are communicating to people via the use of sign language, there are many different situations that you can use it in but there are still many barriers to overcome in these situations.

For example, If you are communicating with an elderly service user, they ay also have problems with their vision as well. This could mean that they can’t communicate effectively as they can’t see/ make out the symbols. It Is most likely for them to use glasses. This means that it can help them make out the actions and improve the chances of them understanding the message. Terminology can sometimes reassure or make them feel as if they know exactly what the problem is. However for others, it can be very confusing for them as they may not know the definition of a word they have Just used.

It can make them frustrated as they aren’t understanding the message fully and cause a little UN-surety. To avoid this, the social and care workers can fully explain the deflation of some words they think they might not know. This allows them to fully understand the message that was communicated. Environment Lighting can be easily hanged meaning if people feel uncomfortable sitting in a too bright/ dark room, it can be easily changed and make them feel more comfortable when communicating with each other.

If people are communicating In different situations, some communication methods/ telling can be Inappropriate to use. To avoid this from happening, people can remind the service user where they are and if something is said, it may cause offence to other people. This make others aware of the risk if they do communicate in the wrong manner. However some people still can make inappropriate actions/ methods during the wrong situation. This can be avoided when the other members of staff set an example of how they are expected to communicate.

Noise In the background when communicating with others may make the message unclear to hear/ see. To overcome this barrier, staff can take the person UT of the busy/ noisy environment. This makes it easier for the service user to concentrate on the communication and they can then fully understand the message rather than them receiving a distraught version on the message. Seating can cause a physical barrier. This is because people can’t see each other if the seating is arranged in a way that the service users are feeling uncomfortable. This affects their maintain eye contact.

This can be easily avoided if the seats aren’t fixed to the ground. People can move themselves so that they feel comfortable communicating tit each other. This makes it easier for the other people in the conversation to see you and can see/ hear their actions and what they are communicating. This make it easier for people to receive and understand the message. Staff training and Experiences Staff being aware of their own communication preferences are used to boost effectiveness of communication if they are used in the right situation.

You can use this in a situation where the other person/ service user is also comfortable with the communication channel you are using. It is when the other person isn’t comfortable tit their communication strategies, the communication starts to break down. This is why staff need to try and identify what sort of communication channel that is best suited to the situation e. G. When you are communicating to a deaf person, your preferred communication strategy may be speech but the best way to communicate with this service user would be sign language or writing the message.

This is because it is a clearer way (for the service user) to receive and understand the message and effectively communicating. Barriers Disabilities can be a barrier that is hard to overcome. However if you are using different methods in each situation, you can convey a message without worrying that the receiver won’t understand it. For example, with some mental health patients, you have to allow a lot of time to get a response from them. People may find this awkward and interrupt because it’s making them uncomfortable rather than the patient.

People can do this but it will take a lot longer to get information from them. This is why other social and care workers don’t like allowing time for a response and may leave a note for them so they can get back to the question at a time where you and he patient are feeling more confident in this method. Another way to overcome a physical problem e. G. A stoke. After someone having a stroke, they may be unable to speak, move around and can have out bursts of emotion. All of these means there are difficulties communicating with the service user.

Rather than speaking to the, you may wish to use gestures so they know what they are doing. This can keep the patient calm. However gestures can be confusing and the best way may be to probe them so they don’t have to explain what they mean to the social and care workers. This keeps them from feeling embarrassed. To overcome the barrier of cultural differences/ beliefs/ stereotypes, people Just need to spend time getting used to the service users way of doing things.

This allows them to alter things to their needs and not to the general Judgments of the culture/ beliefs/ stereotypes. Behavior Effects Self-esteem and confidence can make a difference to communication styles. This is because if you don’t feel comfortable approaching someone, you can’t obtain much information. To overcome this from happening, service users or staff can use alternatives to communicate with each other. If it was a young child, you may need to talk through the parents if the child is acting shy.

This way you can also establish whether or not the child’s behavior is normal. Communication and Language Needs If the hearing aid the service user is broken, it may make it harder for them to understand a message. Social and care workers can use gestures to explain what where they are unable to retrieve paper e. G. When taking a day out with the day care users. It may be unable to write down something for them to read. This can be avoided if staff use different strategies that is best suited to the situation. Hand rating can also affect the way people communicate.

If someone has ‘scruffy hand writing, it can make people miss understand the message and some may become confused. This causes a communication breakdown. If people that know have UN-tidy handwriting use alternatives to leave a note e. G. Typing or recording the message. However these different alternatives may take more time for someone to type a message and may not have the equipment to do so. To avoid this social and care workers can make sure the message is clearly understood, staff can hold back and communicate with others face to face so no confusion is made.