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Assignment Essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 1, 2017
Words: 1876
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Assignment Essay

Inclusions in your program? 9 “Table of Contents” for all the materials to be included in the handbook which will be even to new staff. 10 three sample documents you will include in the handbook 11 other than the new manager, state who will be involved in each part of the program ‘e what is the role of senior management, immediate supervisor, and team members? 12 state what you will take into consideration when evaluating this program. 13 what will you do to evaluate this program? Inclusion 15 option for questions. 16 submit an electronic copy of your presentation with the full names of all members of your group, through Model. Orientation and Induction (Assessment 3) Jaunt Shards Arrant Sings Jakarta Sings JAS13419991 For: Annette Tomfool Q. Introduction We give an advisement in newspaper about the vacancy of store manager then we conduct interviews with candidates. We take a lot of application for this Job from all of them Many application are good but we selected a best application.

After that we will organized an orientation with successful candidates. In orientation we tell the duties and responsibilities to candidates and company policies. Q. Definition of orientation Orientation is main process for successful candidates because manager organized an orientation before the starting date of work in orientation manager give the information about company policies The main aims of orientation are: 1 . Give the information to new employees about the company goals so, that they have clear understanding of aims and objectives. . Make possible that new staff member settle into their Jobs as quickly as soon as possible. 3. Motivation and confidence in new members of staff Joining the organization or moving to new roles within the organization. Q. Definition of induction usually more concerned with introducing the new recruit to the Job and the immediate work environment in which he or she will work. This phase is usually best inducted by the immediate supervisor. Aims of induction: 1. Informing the new staff member of new arrivals 2.

Prepare new employees work station, organism supplies and equipment 3. Give the information to candidate about salary, pay dates, method of payment, location or pay office. 4. Give the information about the duties and responsibilities 5. Give the information about normal hour of work, overtime approval, flextime, method of timekeeping, lunch and tea breaks, roster 6. Give the information about organization policies on smoking, alcohol and drug, misconduct, private phone call, dress infallibility Q.

Include a completed employment contract (use the template on the Fair Work website) and list two other documents the candidate should receive on commencement of the Job. Private and confidential 22 May 2014 (Successful candidate’s name) (Successful candidate’s postal address) Dear (Successful candidate’s name) Letter of engagement I am pleased to offer you employment in the position of Store Manager with us at Triangle Tribe, Prank (the employer’) on the terms and conditions set out in this letter. . Position 1. 1 Your start date will be 1 June 2014 1. Your employment will be Full time 1. 3 The duties of this position are set out in the attached position description. You will be required to perform these duties, and any other duties the employer may assign to you, having regard to your skills, training and experience. 1. 4 You will be required to perform your duties at Triangle tribe, Prank or elsewhere as reasonably directed by the employer. 2. Terms and conditions of employment 2. Unless more generous provisions are provided in this letter or in the attached Schedule, the terms and conditions of your employment will be those set out in the ode of conduct and applicable legislation. This includes, but is not limited to, the National Employment Standards in the Fair Work Act 2009. Neither the code of conduct nor any applicable legislation are incorporated into your contract of employment. 3. Ordinary hours of work 3. 1 Your ordinary hours of work will be 38 per week, plus any reasonable additional employer. 4. Remuneration 4. You will be paid at the rate of $60,pepper year 4. 2 The employer will also make superannuation payments on your behalf in accordance with the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992. . 3 Your remuneration will be reviewed annually and may be increased at the employer’s discretion. 5. Leave 5. 1 You are entitled to leave (e. G. Annual leave, personal leave, careers leave, compassionate leave, parental leave, community service leave and long service leave) in accordance with the code of conduct and the National Employment Standards. . Your obligations to the employer 6. 1 You will be required to: (a) Perform all duties to the best of your ability at all times; (b) Use your best endeavors to promote and protect the interests of the employer; and (c) Follow all seasonable and lawful directions given to you by the employer, including complying with policies and procedures as amended from time to time. These policies and procedures are not incorporated into your contract of employment. 7. Termination of employment 7. Under the Fair Work Act 2009 the employer may terminate your employment at any time by providing you with notice in writing in accordance with this table: Length of continuous service with employer Period of notice Not more than 1 year 1 week More than 1 year but less than 3 years 2 weeks More than 3 years but less than 5 years weeks More than 5 years 4 weeks 7. 2 You are entitled to an additional weeks notice if you are over 45 years old and have completed at least 2 years of continuous service with the employer on the day the notice of termination is given. . 3 If you wish to terminate your employment you are required to provide the employer with prior notice in accordance with the table at 8. 1 above. 8. Confidentiality 8. 1 By accepting this letter of offer, you acknowledge and agree that you will not, during the course of your employment or thereafter, except with the consent of the employer, as required by law or in the performance of your duties, use or disclose limited to client lists, trade secrets, client details and pricing structures. 9. Entire agreement 9. The terms and conditions referred to in this letter constitute all of the terms and conditions of your employment and replace any prior understanding or agreement between you and the employer. 9. 2 The terms and conditions referred to in this letter may only be varied by a written agreement signed by both you and the employer. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of employment, lease don’t hesitate to contact me (Kim Jones) on Employees and employers may also seek information about minimum terms and conditions of employment from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

You can contact them on 13 13 94 or visit their website at www. Firework. Gob. AU. To accept this offer of employment, please return a signed and dated copy of this letter to me by 26 May, 2014 Yours sincerely, Kim Jones Owner/Manager Triangle Tribe l, (successful candidate’s name), have read and understood this letter and accept the offer of employment from Triangle Tribe, Prank on the terms and conditions set out n the letter. Signed: Date: / / Print name: Upon commencement the new employee will receive for completion: 1 . Employee payroll history form or card 2. Tax file number declaration form Q.

What are the benefits of an induction/orientation program for the company? By the help of orientation and induction companionably good communication and provides a sound foundation for a positive relationship with immediate supervisor. He/she do a his best for achieving the company goal . In this company get easily achieve his goals and make a standard in market With the help of orientation and induction company can save money on lower turnover, lower accident rates and reduction of wastage of materials/resources Q. What are the benefits of an indication/orientation program for the new manager?

Benefits for new manager: Orientation for new managers can describe them where the facilities are Orientation can show new managers how they can fits into the team and how their Role fits with the company strategy and goals Meeting key company directors, managers, supervisors and team leaders Health and safety information – This is a legal requirement Explanation of terms and conditions Details of the company’s history, its products and services, its culture and values A clear outline of the Job/role requirements Reduces turnover and absenteeism.

Develops positive attitudes and morale. Reduces levels of anxiety. Managers can Builds good communication and provides a sound foundation for a positive relationship with immediate supervisor Instill safe working practices Informs managers about important aspects of an organization’s history, culture, values and goals. Q. The period of time, during which this program will be delivered. What will be included in your program? The following checklist has been designed for use with new staff members at Triangle Tribe.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure the induction can take place including arranging the necessary resources and regimentation’s. It is the responsibility of the new staff member to complete the checklist and return to the supervisor one month after the start of employment. The supervisor will be available to support the new employee to complete the checklist and answer any questions. Employee’s Name: Start Date: Position: Prior to start date – to be completed by supervisor

Staff member is advised in writing of location of premises, date and time of commencement Computer arranged and set up (including access to relevant drives) Building access keys cut and registered with new employee (building swipe key & office key) Employee Induction Pack prepared Business cards ordered (if applicable) Name added to contact list and name board at entrance Meetings arranged with relevant staff for first week First day – to be completed with employee Greeted by supervisor Tour of premises and keys provided (key register signed) Instruction on entry and exit, including lights, alarm system and parking Use of equipment (photocopier/scanner) Use of communications (phone, email, fax, outlook calendar and computer file system) Location of policies and procedures and explanation of organizational structure Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Induction (including location of first aid box) First week: Explain new employees about. Performance and development review process explained Attendance, leave and holidays explained Benefits explained Pay periods explained Payroll deductions and salary sacrifice options explained (if applicable) Legal obligations discussed (OH&S, discrimination, sexual harassment, privacy, code of induct) Meeting with CEO (vision, the sector, governance and management structures.

Meeting with staff to discuss current projects/programs Clarify position role and responsibilities (including their involvement in internal quality improvement processes, communication activities, meeting attendance, reporting requirements) First month: Work plan developed by staff member in collaboration with supervisor Monthly meetings with supervisor established Communication to clients and stakeholders about new staff member and their role (directly and, if applicable, profile on the organization’s website) Procedure for coking car pool vehicle, meeting rooms and shared equipment Process for ordering stationery Process for claiming petty cash and other expenses Induction and Orientation Feedback Induction and Orientation Feedback Form completed This is to certify that the above items have taken place and discussed with supervisor. Employee’s name: Date: Supervisor name: Signature: Q. Prepare a ‘Table of Contents’ for all the materials to be included in the handbook which will be given to new staff.

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