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All About The Fundraising Academy

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 29, 2017
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All About The Fundraising Academy

Your assessor will contact you to let you know If you have been successful with this application. If you have been successful we will Invite you to the Fundraising Academy at Peel & Bales. What Is the Fundraising Academy? The Fundraising Academy Is a dynamic 2 days consisting of Assessment and Training followed by on the Job support and development.

It Is your opportunity to: Develop exceptional communication and Interpersonal skills. Explore the principles of fundraising. Experience the role of telephone fundraiser at Peel & Bales. How long does it last? The first stage lasts between 1 and 2 days. Soft Skills & Assessment We give you the essential skills to equip you to make effective fundraising calls. We give you the opportunity to demonstrate those skills. We assess your aptitude for the role. At the end of Assessment Day 1, successful candidates will be invited to: TRAINING

DAY 2 – advanced soft skills, technical skills and Peel & Bales induction. We give you the technical knowledge you will need. We give you the opportunity to practice making calls. We explore managing targets and working at Peel & Bales. Tell me more about the assessment! Telephone fundraising is specializes. We work for the most disadvantaged of the world. We need to give you the basic skills so that we can assess your aptitude for the role. We want everyone to be successful! We give lots of support and encouragement. Everyone learns great transferable skills and most people pass wrought to Day 2.

Successful candidates will: Show fantastic rapport building skills. Deliver a scripted conversation naturally and with meaning. Be confident and authentic fundraisers. Be professional and mature In their approach. When do I find out whether Vie passed Assessment Day 1? We tell you at the end of Assessment Day II Weekdays: Thursday & Friday. Weekends on Saturday & Sunday. Your assessor will confirm details of the dates, times and address of the best session for you. PLEASE DO NOT come to the Fundraising Academy if you have not received confirmation from your assessor. Please arrive 10 minutes before the session starts.

Please wait in the buildings reception. A member of our training team will come and show you where to go. Please be punctual! If you arrive more than 15 minutes late you may not be able to attend the session, if this happens please contact your assessor to arrange a date to reschedule. Do I have to attend both the initial Fundraising Academy days? Yes! In order to start working at Peel & Bales you will need to successfully complete the full 2 days. In exceptional circumstances, if you cannot complete Fundraising Academy course, you ay be able to reschedule to the following week.

Please contact your assessor to arrange this. It will be entirely at the trainers’ discretion as to whether you can return to complete the course. Do I get paid for attending Fundraising Academy? Assessment Day 1 is part of the selection process, and therefore unpaid. You will complete it with a fantastic grounding in communication skills! Training Day 2 is paid at E. 36 an hour and will be part of your first wages payment. Vie completed the Fundraising Academy – what happens next? If you are successful wrought Assessment Day 1 you will be allocated to a briefing in Training Day 2.

Briefings are usually held on either the Monday or the Tuesday after your Fundraising Academy session. You will not be able to start work at Peel & Bales until you have attended a briefing. You will be paid for your briefing! If for any reason a briefing the following week is not available then you will receive a call from our scheduling department to arrange another briefing time. Please also note that they are unlikely to call you before Thursday or Friday of the week following our first Fundraising Academy session. So, when can I start calling?

You will have an induction session immediately following your briefing. Your first full calling shift can be as early as the next shift after your briefing & induction shift. How do I book my first shifts? We will book your first weeks shifts as part of Training Day 2. We may also book you onto a further skills session! If I have booked shifts, will they change? If you have booked shifts but have a change of plans you will be able to alter your booking up until nine pm on the Wednesday the week before you have booked them. In exceptional circumstances, Peel & Bales may need to cancel some of your agreed shifts.

We are able to do so if we give you 24 hours notice. Monday to Friday 13. 30- 17. 00 (3. 5 hrs) 17. 30 – 21. 00 (3. 5 hrs) Saturday 10. 00- 13. 30 (3. 5 hrs) 14. 00- 17. 30 (3. 5 hrs) You can work as many of the above shifts as you please, you can also work two shifts in one day. You must work a minimum of 14 hours (4 shifts) a week in order to pass probation. 50% of your shifts must be evenings and/or Saturdays because that’s when we reach the most people. Please only book what you intend to work. Failure to life booked shifts may result in disciplinary action.

After you have worked for Peel & Bales for 2 weeks, you may be able to book shifts on weekday mornings. We also call Canada and Australia at different times of the day and night! Once you are into the swing of things here, ask your manager for more information. What is a zero hours contract? The zero hours contract has been designed for staff who require high degrees of flexibility. With this contract, provided work is available, staff are able to book a pattern of work that suits their own circumstances and get paid purely for the hours hey actually work.

The Company cannot guarantee to provide a minimum number of hours worked per week. What about pay? You will be paid on a weekly basis. Hourly Rate Including Holiday Standard E. 57 E. 36 Senior (Based on Review) E. 36-E. 37 E. 24-EIA. 50 Probation Period There is a 13 week probation period. If you are successful through probation you will receive a Welcome Bonus of EWE! Your pay will be reviewed at the end of probation. Depending on your attendance, performance and quality of your calls, you could be awarded senior pay. We will then asses you on the above criteria every 3 months.

Is there a dress code? Our dress code is smart casual. Smart Jeans and trainers can be worn at all times Please respect our incredibly diverse workforce and show sensitivity to others with regards to slogans or pictures on your clothes and to making sure you are not wearing overly revealing clothing. I confirm that I have read and understood all information stated.

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