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Sony Company

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 31, 2017
Words: 425
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Sony Company

In this report I will talk about Plantation 4, a product from Sony Company, and the most rated among all the products. ASS (Plantation 4) Is what the name Itself says, It is a console that allows you to play video games, but it is made for more activities, such as watching movies, browse the internet and listen to music. Sony has made a lot of advertising In order to promote their product. Plantation has been one of the most successful products since when Sony started to put it on the market.

Sony has already sold millions of consoles worldwide in less than 2 months. In North America Sony sold over a million in less than 24 hours. Sony made their advertisement is sending out a very clear message the advertise is also quite interesting and that made people quite anxious about it. “Greatness Awaits”; this quote brought curiousness for the people, and since people already knew how the previous Plantation (ASS) was, they would expect a lot more In It, and they were not disappointed at all, it was a success for Sony.

People did not expect that much, but greatness was required in order to maintain its growth as a video game console getting better and better through the time). They made two adverts, one was before its release, and another one after it . 1 think they made a clear message because the content of the poster is clear and straight to the point. The first one says “Greatness Awaits”. The advert was very good, it has a short and very powerful meaning. The second one says “This Is for the Players”; I think this one Is quite Individual and It brings an Impression that Is Just for a certain group of people.

I think the second one could be improved in a way that every person old like it, even if they don’t know how to use it, to inspire people to have it, such as “Where the Connected world is” or “The Greatness of the Entertainment”. Apart from that, the image in the advertisement is very good, the way they used the colors, and how the Image of the products is used in very good. The communication Is very easy to understand because they use the Images well to show what their talking it is enough to get the message across. I am interpreting positive messages because they are telling people on the world the new features of the product.

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