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List Of Key Internal Factors

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 22, 2017
Words: 633
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List Of Key Internal Factors

Comparison of FIFE Matrix between other’s group Based on questions one and two, we will make a comparison key internal factor evaluation matrix with group five. There are eight key internal factors evaluation of strength and there are seven key factors for evaluation of internal weakness. Key internally factor in the strength of our group, there are two in the fourth rating of fully employed and low cost committed operation while the group of five there were three in the fourth rating of low operational cost, low maintenance fees and pilot training costs, customer relationship management (CRM).

There is one similarity rating between group 4 and 5 of the low operation cost. Here we can see the Air Asia Airlines have low costs in operations, so, as they provide cheap fares for the rest of the world in accordance with the terms and conditions. In addition, there are seven eye internal factors in the rating of a third force, namely service in cabin, new aircraft, using the excellent it, online ticket, promotions, first of low cost airline, and potential for the market penetration.

For the group of five, there are five key factors that are internal strength rating, the three is key internal factor is systematic management levels, simple that consistently been proven business model delivers the lowest fares (ticket price), penetrate and stimulate the potential markets, multi-skilled staffs, low maintenance fees and the pilot training costs and excellent utilization of IT. The key internal factors weaknesses for group four, there are six of key internal weakness is do not have own maintenance, have lots of complaint from a customer, limited regulation, and the new entrant airlines.

There are four factors that are internal weaknesses of the second rating of do not have maintenance, limited human resources worker, limited service entrant resource and new airlines. For a group of five of seven key internal factors weakening the service resource is limited by lower costs, limited human resources, government interference and regulation on airport eels and passenger compensation, non-central location of secondary airports, brand is vital for market position and of developing it is always a challenge, heavy reliance on outsourcing, and new entrants provide the price-sensitive services.

There are two factors that are internal weaknesses in the second rating of limited human resources and non-central location of secondary airports. So, here there is a similarity between group four and five of limited human resources. We can see the intrinsic weakness in terms of limited human resources faced by Air Asia. In FIFE Matrix we can see the preferences between the internal strength factors and internal weaknesses factors. FIFE Matrix is very important to be evaluated in each organization. 5.

What competitive advantages would Eurasia over MASS in doing business outside Malaysia? As we know, Air Asia is tight competition for Malaysia Airlines (MASS) and both airlines have their own advantages and disadvantages. Air Asia was established by DRAB-Which but suffered many losses in the period in which it operates. Due to the debt obligations that are too high, it was sold to Tune Air, which is chaired by Tony Fernando for ARM 1 only. Eurasia reorganization with images and low-cost concept has led to great changes and make a profit in a short period of time.

Eurasia has also revolutionized the regional airline industry. With the Low Cost Carrier business model, Eurasia has the following competitive advantages over the MASS Airlines, which is productive and skillful employees and simple aggressive and focused management structure. In addition Eurasia also courteous but limited passenger service and short point-to- point routes. Furthermore Eurasia has standardized fleet of aircraft and high aircraft utilization.

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