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IntroductionOtobi Furniture A Part Of Otobi

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 5, 2017
Words: 725
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IntroductionOtobi Furniture A Part Of Otobi

Group is one of the market leaders of furniture market of Bangladesh. They are assuming themselves as the market leader for last 10 years. Though their price Is a bit higher but as they provide the best quality furniture people are ready to get that with any cost. Not only that they have the biggest brand image In our country. Toby furniture a part of Toby limited which Is a combination of four different types of business. They are as follows, v Toby Furniture: Combination of office and furniture.

Home appliances: Washing Machine, air conditioner v Carpet: under: Apollo Limited. V Decorative Light: Also under Apollo Limited. Historical Background: Toby Furniture stared its journey in the year 1975 with the slogan “Trusted across the World” We know that Toby furniture is a part of Toby limited which was the creator of SCARCE Faro of Garbanzo, Sculpture of Rajahs university, and Sampan of Chitchatting Airport. All this are the biggest symbolic assets of our country. In fact the architect of these sculptures was Mr.. Nit Kinds who was the father of Mr..

Enamels Kinds, the Managing Director of Toby Limited. Mission of Toby Furniture: The mission of Toby Furniture is “To provide the middle class and higher middle class people of the country world class furniture in a very comfortable price. ” Future Plan: The future plan of Toby Furniture is to expand their sales not only in Bangladesh but also outside the country. Their primary target is India, Singapore and Malaysia. Products: Toby furniture is the symbol of status now a day. They have about 26 different types of furniture. Among the 26 different brands the main 4 (Four) brands of Toby and

They have different slogan to establish themselves in the mind of the people. They are, World Class Chair Chair that satisfies your need. Table Create your ideal office environment Swivel Chair Beauty you can See Home Furniture & File Cabinet World Class Furniture The mall advantages with the Toby products are,Multiple colors, Knock Down System, Elegant Design, Competitive Price, After Sales Service Product Line: 02. Household Furniture 03. Computer Furniture 04. Hospital Furniture 05. Decorative Items 06. Kitchen Cabinet 07. Special Built in Cabinet 08. Work Station 10. Interior Project 2.

Official Stationeries Price: According to the officials of the Toby Furniture their price is depends on the quality of raw materials, high technological machineries and overhead cost. Price Range of the different products of Toby Furniture. Products Price range Chair TX. 970 – 18,000 TX. 4,600 – 40,500 File Cabinet TX. 8,900 – 65,500 Bed TX. 9,900 – 40,000 Dinning Table TX. 5,300 – 16,500 Design : Target market: Identifying the consumers target is important because different consumers may have different brand knowledge structures and thus different perception and preferences or the brand.

For Toby the target market is huge starting from industrial organizations, medical organization, corporate and individuals. Market segmentation: Market segmentation involves dividing the market into distinct groups of homogeneous consumers who have similar needs and consumer behavior and thus require similar marketing mixes. For Toby the market segmentation is the middle class to higher middle class Toby Showroom place: Grad Showroom, Bogart Showroom, Dullish Showroom, Elephant Road Showroom, Sultan Showroom, Mailbags Showroom, Mirror Showroom, Saver Showroom,

Barista Showroom etc. Promotional Activity : Toby also has its own promotional activities to keep itself on the top of the people’s mind of Bangladesh. Toby use both TTL (above the line: TV, Newspaper, Direct Selling) and BTL (Poster, Banner, Neon Sign) promotional strategies. But for a product like furniture “Above the Line” promotional strategies specially direct selling, are the main one. Banner, Paper ad, TV ad, Competitors: The competition in the furniture market is increasing day by day as so many new firms are coming in the market.

As a result, Toby Furniture is facing a huge Rooney from 29 May 2002, Parted Furniture- started its Journey in 1962, Haiti Furniture- HAITI was established in 1989, Soot Analysis : 3. 1 Strengths Skilled work force along Dynamic Leadership. Well Facilitated Production Site. Good Marketing Force. Good number of skilled marketers. Director of TOBY is very innovative he keeps himself involve in R as well as encourages his employees for even small innovation. 3. 2 Weaknesses. Failure to Follow CIT. One of the main components of Tofu’s product is imported from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

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