New Technologies Contribute to Learning Essay

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New Technologies Contribute to Learning

The 21 SST century is the era of computers and technology. Even though the widespread use of computers has some disadvantages, new technologies have significantly made our lives better. They have also contributed to improvements In education. Nowadays students have better access to information, the process of learning is much quicker and cheaper, while the quality is higher. To begin with, nowadays almost everyone has access to computers and, consequently, to big amounts of data. This is a big advantage.

Our parents, for Instance, had to go to braises and browse through many books to get the Information they wanted. With the help of Internet we can learn about almost everything through few mouse clicks. Moreover, on the internet you can find some valuable Information that you wont read In a book. For example, you can even watch a lecturer from Harvard university talk about the topic you’re looking for. In our school there are computers and smart- boards In some classrooms and we often watch videos and make presentations. In this case even the laziest students learn something about the covered topic by simply itching the video.

In addition, the developments in technology have made learning almost free. You only need to pay for internet connection and the equipment but not the information itself. You can read books online without having to pay for them or improve your knowledge of Mathematics without hiring a tutor. In conclusion, today it’s hard to imagine our lives without computers. They also play a big role in the area of education. Because of the development of technologies students have a better access to information, which they can get almost for free without spending much time.