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Children need to play not compete

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 1, 2017
Words: 245
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Children need to play not compete

In Stays argument there are strengths and weaknesses. A strength is that in the first sentence of paragraphs 10 & 12, Stays does show that she is thinking about her reader’s questions. A weakness is that according to Romano Standbys argument is incomplete in that it fails to anticipate certain objections and questions that some parents, especially those she most wants to convince are almost sure to raise. . Read to Respond: After reading Roman’s and Stays essays, I agree with Stays essay. I agree that children need to play, not complete. Growing up competing in sports was a very big value in my family’s life. My brother was a competitive lacrosse and baseball player; my parents were always involved in his sports. Growing up I was always compared to my brother and it always bothered me growing up, It was very stressful.

As a parent I want to let my kids know that nothings about competing Its all about to eve fun and playing, that’s what kids are supposed to do growing up. Analyze & Write After reading Roman’s evaluation of Stays essay, I believe that he did a very good Job doing so. I never once was confused of what was going on, I always knew what he was referring to In Stays essay. Romano really uses these devices to orient readers. There are some points In the essay that I believe more cueing would be great there.

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