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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 1, 2017
Words: 298
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Marco Carbon English I Anna B. Williams Abortion The controversial issue of abortion today is no longer a taboo. The abortion is not something that has begun to perform today, although it has increased over time, its legalization gain more popularity around the world. The abortion methods varied according to the week of gestation. However, all lead to the same end result, the death of the unborn. Regarding to the abortion, this issue can be approached from different aspects: Bioethics, Ethics, Religious, Social, and the controversial consequences of this act.

My goal with this paper is not to make an exhaustive research about the abortion, but rather to provide an overview of the relevant points in order to make our own Judgment and draw our conclusions. First of all, I want to find the answer of the beginning of the human life from a Bioethics view by studying the status of the human embryo. After that, I want to give a proper definition of what we call human abortion and the controversy that goes with it. Then I will analyzed from a Christian perspective this act . Finally, I will address the physical and psychological consequences of abortion.

Regarding to the five relevant facts that I mentioned before, some questions and concerns come to my mind when I hear this topic. Can the embryo be considered a single person from the moment of fertilization? There lawful and ethically acceptable circumstances that Justify abortion? What Is the position of the Church In this act? Exist physical and emotional Impact on women that practice abortion? Abort 1 By cardamom abortion? What is the position of the Church in this act? Exist physical and emotional impact on women that practice abortion?

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