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The Business Case for Social Responsibility

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 5, 2017
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The Business Case for Social Responsibility

Its intent Is not to conduct a thorough review of studies analyzing the relationship between CAR and financial performance, as that has been well done elsewhere. Rather it seeks to unearth assumptions underlying dominant approaches in an effort to build a more robust business case forces that can move beyond existing limitations. Keywords: research, business case, corporate social responsibility, value creation, financial performance The old thinking was that if you make money you can do this positive social and environmental stuff?but I think the true philosophy of sustainability is the interdependence.

It’s obituary’s; testability’s fact that if you do the right things in the community, the community will do the right things forum. If you do the relighting for the environment, lull have a stronger business so that you can make more money. It’s not abductors of a condescending view… I don’t know if that’s subtle or if people don’t get it, but twister’s important. It’saboutinterdependence rather than balance. Autocollimator dependence or interdependence, rather than charity.

Dismantlement. (Manufacturing Executive, 2005). IN business practitioner’s, a ‘business case’ Is a pitch forestallment In yield a suitably significant return to Justify the expenditure. In what has become known as the ‘business case for Corporate Social Responsibility (CAR)’ he pitch is that a company can ‘dowel by doing good’:that is, can perform better financially by attending not only to its core business operations, but also to its responsibilities toward creating a better society.

A long tradition scholars have examined this proposition, both theoretically (Carroll, 1979; Swanson, 1995, 1999; Wood, 1991),and empirically (Cochran and Wood, 1984; Graves and Haddock, 1994; Animating and Barman, 2006; Russo and Foots,preliminarily with a focus on conceptualizing, specifying, and testing some relationship between corporate social performance (SSP) and corporate financial performance (COP).

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