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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 28, 2017
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Our assigned company, Nettling, does not have a sustainability report in their form 10- K, nor do they have any mention to Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) that can be located on their weapon. After an exhausting search through third party sites, It has been determined that Nettling has no mention of CARS. So, In that vein, we accepted the challenge In designing a CARS report for Nettling. CARS can be dissected into three broad categories: Social Responsibility, Economic Responsibility, and Environmental Responsibility.

Below is the breakdown of these three categories. Social Responsibility: We’re committed to being a good corporate citizen through initiatives that creates public parks for the children, volunteerism, and charity awareness. ” Through initiatives that Nettling has started in the communities that we share a public space with, we have started the Nettling Public Park program. With this program, Nettling is investing In the future of our children by providing materials for the building of safe, environmentally conscientious parks for the children to enjoy.

These parks are built from durable plastics and woods that have been either recycled or of a ‘clean’ environmentally safe footprint. These parks are purchased through a grant made possible from the Reed Hastings (our CEO) Annihilative and Nineteen’s own corporate funding. The materials are then donated to the local community, and with volunteers from Nettling, the community at large, and the city these parks are being built. Volunteering is not just regulated to the building of parks. We, at Nettling, believe that our employees are valued and are unsurpassed in their dedication to not only our company but to the consumers as well.

To demonstrate this, we have a policy of 10 hours per month of paid time will be donated by the company to assist in volunteerism. This means that each employee can ‘donate’ 10 paid hours each month to their charity of choice. Some examples of the charities that have benefited from this are Habitat for Humanity, the Reed Hastings Initiative, and the Susan G. Semen Search for a Cure/Breast Cancer Awareness. This program will allow our employees the opportunity to ‘give something back’ choosing their favorite charity and help through volunteering. The bottom line is that 2. Hours per week, our employees will be helping make a difference for such drives as the united Way, and others. Charity Awareness is not a buzzword at Nettling, but a culture that we have embraced. Following the lead of such institutions such as J Penny, we have the “Round-up” program. Where customers have the choice of donating the money to ’round-up’ to the nearest whole dollar. For an example, if the customer chooses our $7. 99 package, they have the option to donate the $0. 01 to the listed charities. Every month we rotate the charities from a select list.

Economic Responsibility: “We have a commitment to our stakeholders to be able to promote our company and retain value for Nettling. ” Our shareholders have believed in our company by investing, maintaining the ‘edge’ that Nettling has in streaming media; we will continue to grow, doth in size and economic return for our investors. Environmental Responsibility: Need a quote At our corporate headquarters in Los Gatos, CA and our distribution facilities located in Colorado and Texas, we have an aggressive recycling program that fare exceeds the local area.

Not Just recycling paper and light bulbs, but an extension of this to be in the use of recycled products as much as possible. This amounts too cost savings to the company that is passed on to our customers, but also creates a corporate cultural where our employees are committed to leaving a smallest possible carbon footprint. Another initiative used is in our mailers. When customers order a DVD be delivered, the mailers themselves is made up of a minimum 60% post-consumer product.

This far exceeds the standard in the mailing of material that has been committed to by various companies. To further reduce our “footprint” we have done away with flyers and other assorted mass mailings and concentrated our efforts into internet and television promotion. This removal from the printed media has not resulted in a lowering of return of investment, but further promotes the company in the best light to an ever-changing world. Summary When you read about the Corporate Social Responsibility of Nettling, it can be imagined that all three areas are interrelated. And, they are.

For being a good corporate citizen requires that Nettling lead the way in all areas, much in the same vein that Nettling is leading the way in streaming media, and DVD by mail. These three areas are very much interrelated, and have an impact on one another. From the volunteer work of our teammates, to the donations made by our customers, to building of parks for the future generations, to being able to recycle even the most innocuous of product; Nettling has continued to be a leader in the growth of our product (video streaming) and the growth of good corporate citizenship.

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