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Human Resource Planning

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 12, 2017
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Human Resource Planning

Most of them are fresh graduates trying to learn the various aspects of working life. The factory workers are also included in this level. As we know that not every position in the organization has the same recruitment process. For obvious reasons the selection and recruitment process are not the same for different levels of employees in Apex. But all selection process has some basic outlined steps. Recruitment: Apex recruits both internally and externally. Normally for the lower level workers they follow the philosophy of Just merely filling up the position and for the top-level workers they recruit with a long-term view.

As for the factory labors they have to recruit almost every week. Another important thing to be noted here is that Apex recruits their employees both from Bangladesh and from other foreign countries (mostly Pakistan). Internal recruiting: For the top-level Jobs Apex normally follow internal recruiting. Their internal sources of applicants include * Promotion * Job Rotation Job Rotation is the most frequently used method in Apex. They move the employees within the departments. The management in Apex said their main rotation takes place by moving the employees from Gray dept. Folding dept. Cutting dept. Fabrics Dept.

The management in the organization feels that by the rotation of Jobs the employees gain more experience and become more efficient. That is why Job rotation is largely encouraged in Apex. Promotion also takes place in the organization. Normally the middle managers get the promotion. The ripple effect that causes vacant positions within the organization because of these internal recruiting are filled up by external recruiting. Hence of assessing the abilities of their employees better. It is also a good motivating factor for the employees. Through Job rotation Apex actually can save the training and development cost.

They also thinks that the overall lower cost of the internal recruiting process helps them save additional money. External Recruiting: Normally Apex recruits the factory workers and middle managers of the organization through external recruiting. For external recruiting they have the following sources of applicants: * Employee referrals * Walk-in applicants * Newspaper Ads * Web page Job posting (Currently under construction) Vacancy notice in factory building For the factory workers the most effective methods are the walk-ins and the vacancy notice in the factory building.

Since they have a high turnover rate in the factory level workers, so they have to recruit almost every week. The walk-in applicants are treated with respect in the company. Everyday at 10 o’clock in the morning the walk-in applicants are attended and among them they find out the suitable candidate following their selection process. As the factory is located in the rural area of Shuffler in Zipper district, the availability of factory worker is always there. Employee referrals are also strongly considered in the case of external recruiting.

For the other office employee recruiting the company gives ads in the local newspaper and they also post their Jobs in their official web site. They give application blanks in the web site and accept online application. Job Analysis: Before going deep into selection process we must discuss the utmost important pre- requisite of the selection process. It is Job Analysis. Apex, like most other responsible and successful corporations, conducts a detailed Job analysis to know the different aspects of a particular Job.

This Job Analysis enables the employer and employee to know what are the responsibilities and duties of that particular Job position. The methods that FAME uses to collect data about the Job are describe below – Interview: The company conducts a formal or informal interview (depending on the position) to collect data. This interview can be a structured one or an unstructured one. * Questionnaire: The Job Analyst gives the questionnaire to the incumbent to fill it up. The questionnaire contains some basic Job related information, which helps the Job analyst to make the Job description form.

The main advantage of this method is that a large number of employees can be questioned at the same time and it is less costly. * Observation: This is another method used by the company to collect job information. In this method the superior observes the employee and collect data. It uses this Just to verify the data found primarily. From the employees there is a need to verify those data. Apex does that by the observation along with a recheck of the employees Just to make sure that the integrity and truthfulness of the data is not sacrificed. Selection Methods of Apex:

Apex uses different methods and sources for their three levels of employee. But in general they follow the conventional selection process. The steps include – * Planning And Forecasting * Reviewing Inside Sources Pre-selection Steps * Outside Sources * Applications Blank * Aptitude Test * Interview Selection Methods * Work Sample Test * Reference Checking * Final Decision The pre-selection methods are: * Planning and Forecasting Employee needs: Before selecting any employee, the company must know what its needs. Apex uses some methods to forecast the employee needs.

Revenue Growth Activity Reviewing Inside Sources: After deciding what number of employees the company needs, the concerned Department’s manager identifies if there is anyone within the company to meet the requirement of the vacant position. If someone suitable is found, he/she is promoted/shifted to that post. * Outside Sources: If the required employee is not found inside then they look for outside sources. The outside sources can be different for every level. FAME normally recruits the office employees from both Bangladesh and Pakistan and they have to follow somewhat a different process for employing people from home and broad.

But for the factory workers they have to depend on the outside sources mainly. Selection Tools Then come the main selection tools. Apex has to use different types of tools for different employee levels. Some of the tools that are applicable for executive level are not suitable for the selection of factory workers. Here are the main selection tools that Apex uses: * Application blank: After deciding what sources to use, Apex calls for applications from the interested candidates (only for the executive and mid levels). The screening background and the other traits about which applications to be granted.

Aptitude Test: Apex takes an aptitude test of the candidates for the Mid level position. No such test is required for the executive level and also for the factory workers. This test is done to measure a particular candidate’s ability to learn and perform in the Job according to his/her learning. * Work Sample Test:FAME uses a work sample test for mid level employees and the factory workers. However this is only done to give them a sense of the Job and to short list applicants in the case of too many candidates. * Reference Checking:FAME gives emphasize on reference for executive and mid level employees.

Professional references are preferred and given more value. Along with that the Passport and work permit certificate of the foreign employees are also checked. * Interview: The interview is done to scrutinize applicants on the basis of different personal attributes. It is used to see if skills and abilities of the applicant match the required ones to perform the Job correctly. Interview is not taken for the factory workers. A complementarities form has been included in the supplementary Text section of this project. Final Decision- The final decision depends on the report of all these and the reference of the concerned department.

HER and that particular department seat together and decide which applicant to chose. However for the factory workers, the process is much simpler and less time consuming. The officials at the Apex said educational background and the attitude towards the work is the main thing that they look for. Experience is not needed. Diagram of the Selection Process: Reference Checking Aptitude Test Completion and Screening of Applications Outside Sources Forecast future needs Circular (Bangladesh ; Peak) Mid Level Personal Sources Newspaper and Web site Ads Employee Agencies Continue Recruiting

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