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Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 27, 2017
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Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge

The Consumer Decision-Making Process I came to the conclusion that there are multiple choices that best describe reasons for indulging In Ethyl’s Chocolate Lounges. First I would like to say that the consumers go to the lounge due to their need for chocolate and relaxation. Secondly they want to be able o come and eat chocolate in an environment that consists of others doing the same.

The lounge makes it seem like you are at home in your own comfort zone. By going Into the lounge In gives you the freedom to indulge In various and all types of chocolate treats. It also gives you the opportunity to drink all different types of beverages, without having to go elsewhere to quench your thirst. By meeting this need this gives the marketers an outlook on what its consumers wishes to have on the menu and it keeps the business afloat. It also helps in coming up with new ideas o market different chocolate products.

Having Chocolate lounges is a trend setter. It is set up like a coffee house catering to the consumer’s needs. The set up and color scheme of the chocolate and pink Is very trendy. Having over stuff furniture gives the class look along with the upscale look. By doing Information research In the areas where these lounges are opened, you are able to recognize the wants and needs of the public. It also helps you to determine if it would be economical as far as a business district or a residential area. If I was to open a business I would want it to eater to both areas.

The way that the store is set up (exterior and interior) should always stay buried in the consumers memory. A good memory will always have the customer coming back. 2. Discuss the factors that Influence a consumer to spend money and time at Ethyl’s. The reason that the consumers spend money and time at Ethyl’s is due to the consumer’s needs. The customers come into the store not looking to spend arm and a leg. They come in to eat affordable chocolates and to have idle chit chat with their friends and family. You have a variety of ages and nationalities.

You have to think that when have various cultures entering these establishment, It means a lot. When different cultures start talking (would have mouth), people start coming out to see for themselves. You have to keep your consumers interested. The color scheme is a soft, subtle way of letting a person knows that it is about enjoyment and relaxation. Like the Store Slogans states Chocolate is the new black. They use slogans and colors that don’t offend a person/culture. They try not too anyway. Also a consumer will spend money when the prices are right. Just think the

Chocolate Lounge offers a variety of different chocolate packages at reasonable 3. Justify which factor you think will motivate a consumer the most. I think the price and the variety of items would motivate a consumer the most. When A product is affordable a consumer will continue to buy and will pass the word. When you have A inexpensive and tasteful product a consumer will continue to come in buy and enjoy the Atmosphere of the business. 4. Determine what needs the Ethyl’s experience appeals to most. Explain your reasoning. I think that the consumers’ needs that appeal to the experiences at Ethyl’s

Chocolate Lounge is the Primary Membership Group. The reason for that decision is that there is no Distinctive person or persons that come into the lounge. You have your everyday people coming and indulging in the treats and the ambiance of the facility. You have people who interact regularly on an informal basis. You see people face to face, whether they are family, friends or Co-workers. They don’t have to belong to a club or group to enjoy all of the chocolate benefits.

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